Intel Reveals Moorestown PC motherboard, Possibly World's Smallest

It was brief but it sure was impressive. With all the hubbub surrounding Intel's launch of Atom, let's not forget what's coming: Moorestown. That fiberglass isn't yet populated with the CPU, chipset, WiFi, GPS, 3G cellular radio, or memory... but it will be if you can wait until 2010. See it revealed after the break.

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decapitator3945d ago

2010 ? that's a little too far out. I am interested to see the reviews when it comes out though.

TriggerHappy3945d ago

By then, there will be even smaller...

decapitator3945d ago

Thats the problem with Technology. It's moving too fast. New things are coming out every day. It's not wise to show something so early in development.

Tempist3945d ago

I have to say it's still a little impressive. Yeah technology move fast. Probably for ever three innovations that come to light, five don't. Even the Aircraft and car industry has problems like this.

The good that they bring is new ideas and further designs.

All and all I don't see this mini-mobo doing much more than powering a phone or PDA. Not for computers.

meepmoopmeep3945d ago

with the way nano-tech is coming along... 2010 will leave this thing in the dust

ChickeyCantor3945d ago

Since the industry for mobile games is growing, this can come in handy for telephones....I hate the choppy looks of mobile games! they are slow as hell -_-