Blu-ray Reaches 60% Awareness in Two Years

Santa Monica (CA) - More than 10 million households in the US now have a high-def disc player and more than half of the country is aware of the Blu-ray Disc format, according to a new study from Interpret.

Interpret, which studies media trends, surveyed consumers aged 18 - 54 and found that 60% knew what Blu-ray is. The survey was actually conducted in January, before Blu-ray became the declared winner of the HD format war.

Among the lower half of that demographic, the so-called "early adopter" group of 18- to 34-year-olds, 76% were aware of the Sony-fronted high-def disc medium.

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decapitator4481d ago

After this year, I expect this number to skyrocket to about 90% or in the upper 85% as a result of the price drops scheduled for this year.

Massacre4481d ago

Damn, this is good news. All it needs now is more exposure. Sony and BD camp, needs to push it even further.