The Vista license "loophole" that isn't

Software licensing is often hard to understand. But that's no excuse for so-called Windows experts to deliberately publish sensational stories that turn the facts upside-down.

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decapitator3850d ago

hmm, interesting stuff there. Wonder what will come out of this.

wageslave3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Nothing will come out of it.

The original nonsense will join amunition of the anti-MSFT FUD peddlers. And, like all the other nonsense that they spread, people who know better will continue to roll their eyes.

For those who dont know what's going on in that picture, its a laptop with a Windows Vista SideShow device integrated into the top.

Get informed here;

SaiyanFury3850d ago

Bah I won't ever care about Vista. Hell I just bought a new copy of XP Professional so I won't need to change out to Vista because I have problems with my ill-gotten copy of XP now. Once this installation screws up I'll install my fresh new legal copy of XP, and laugh in Vista's face for the next driverless generation of Microsoft OS. Until a new OS comes from MS that isn't driven purely by greed, I'm sticking with Windows XP.