Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Available At 9:30 AM EST Today (4/4/08)

The wait is almost over. The Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack (Xbox 360) will be available from the Xbox Live Marketplace at 9:30am EST time today, Friday.

There's a bonus if you play the new maps this weekend: "In addition to the map packs hitting, I hear there may be a little extra XP up for grabs this weekend when playing on the new maps," said Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward's community manager.

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P4KY B4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )


kid from brooklyn4246d ago

You fellas got to let us PS3 owners know if these maps are any good. It might be pointless to get this considering GTA is dropping when this comes out for the PS.

Adamalicious4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Yeah - really think Infinity Ward is dropping the ball releasing the PS3 map pack so close to GTAIV. If it was out now I might get it to pass the time UNTIL GTAIV comes out, but once it does come out I really don't think I'll bother - which is too bad because I really like playing CoD4 online.

MrBii4245d ago

At 10 bucks for only 4 maps, of which only 2 are completely new, Ima gonna pass.

They are retarded if they think Ima still gonna play COD4 at the end of april. GTA4 > COD4

Presentist4245d ago

Mr Bii WTF are you talking about?

How is a third person action game that you HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED YET somehow better than the best FPS game released in years?

I hate when people are hype-whores.

Close_Second4245d ago

...because the COD4 lobby system ruins the game. Its by far the lamest attempt at a next gen lobby system.

I have gone completely off COD4 as I'm sick of ending up in games where my connection is 1 red bar (what does that mean anyway???), I mean, who would willingly chose to play a game if they knew they were going to have a 1 red bar connection before it started???

On the flipside, I'm sick of people joining my games where they have a 1 red bar connection to me. Makes them nothing but cannon fodder which some may find fun but lets face it, it just ruins the game.

Also, whats your record for quitting and rejoining the same record is 16!!!....double grrrr. I have clocked up over 2,000 losses of which only about 350 would be actual losses. the remainder are from quitting. Now, I don't give a damn about my win/loss ratio but what about all the wear and tear on my PS3 having to reload over and over and over through quitting. Not to mention the time wasted looking for suitable games. By the way, before you ask I have a 4mb down and 650kb up internet connection.

In summary, the COD4 lobby system is a failure. Its even more functionally inept than the one for COD2 and not even close to level of functionality of the COD3 lobby.

IW will never fix the lobby however, both IW and the gaming industry in terms of critical reviews dropped the ball on this one. IW for releasing an almost perfect on-line game wrapped in a 3rd rate lobby system. Critics (gaming sites) for not informing everyone of that fact.

Presentist4245d ago

Cry me a river, I've never had a single problem.

If you have fun with the game thats what matters, stop complaining about one bad thing in a fantastic package.

End conversation.

Elvfam5114245d ago

for the ps3 owners that have COD4 when the hell we going to get the maps in the same day as Xbox this seems unfair. I hate it when a game comes out for both consoles (ps3 and xbox) xbox always gets everything first and ps3 sometimes is forgotten and we get it like 2 months tops (i think) i wish they just give us it at the same time at the end of april wtf GTA4 anybody that's freaking stupid.

MrBii4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

You can stay in denial all you want. But people will be playing GTA4 by the end of april. Not COD4.

Oh wait let me rephrase what I said.

People WITH MONEY will be playing GTA4 by the end of april. That obviously excludes you so you have to settle for the next best thing which is "10 bucks" additional maps.

GTA4 is one of the biggest games this year and already predicted to sell over 13M copies. Almost twice as much as COD4. COD4 WAS fun for a while. It was last years one of the biggest games. But COD4 is getting old news. I have golden AK47 and I havent played for a whole month.

You can stay in denial.

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Gamer134246d ago

I can,t wait to play on these new maps, hope its just cople hrs left.

tigertom534246d ago

yes it going to be 3 weeks before the ps3 owners get there maps 21 days to be exact so you will have to wait. and there no other way to get the maps.

Bleucrunch4245d ago

I cant believe that PS3 owners have to wait for this! That is unacceptable!

Bolts4246d ago

A few? Try the end of the month! Pwned...

gEnKiE4246d ago

Ya, M$ even shafted the people with the PC version....

RecSpec4246d ago

By the time these maps actually hit, the MGO beta will be out. A lot of people that would have bought the maps probably will hold off on them. I am one of those, I was psyched about these, but after finding out when they will actually hit, tough luck.

Bolts4246d ago

How so, there are tons of free retail quality maps available for the PC.

MrBii4245d ago

Being a 360 fanboy is hell of a hard nowadays. They think we got "pwned" for having to wait 3 weeks longer on some additional content of which only two are new lol.

Hey mister, why dont you go buy those maps. I was gonna pass anyway so it doesnt matter when they come. GTA4 > COD4

JoelR4245d ago

Everyone calm down

PSN is not updating before the 17th anyway
IW has nothing to do with release schedule at Sony

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Dark_Vendetta4246d ago

I have the 800 points but I think I'll keep them for Ikrauga (Coming 9th April)

i Shank u4246d ago

didnt know ikargua was so soon! thx for the info, definitely saving my points for that

belal4246d ago

mutch will the dlc cost ? ps3 version ?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4246d ago

As much as the 360 version, about $10 US. IMO It's a little high for everyone, for just so few maps.

BeaArthur4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Jason 360...everything on the marketplace is overpriced. At least you are getting more maps than you get for Halo 3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4246d ago

Agree that was to high to, doesn't have a thing to do with MS though, devs and pubs set the price. Now the FEAR DLC was pretty good, you got a crap load of maps, weapons, and game modes. Oblivion expansion pack was good, but the horse armor was a joke. The mass Effect DLC was ok priced for the gameplay. There are a some fair priced DLC on Live but over all it's a bit overpriced. You can see a trend though, most devs are starting to give a bit more and are seeing that the price is a bit to much. To bad Activision and EA can't see it, they are still way over charging for crap, like you see here.

BeaArthur4246d ago

Jason 360...actually I remember Epic and Microsoft getting into it because Epic wanted to make the Gears of War maps free and Microsoft wanted to charge for them. I find it hard to believe that Microsoft (who charges us for gamer pictures and themes) doesn't have anything to do with the pricing of the DLC. But I do agree with you, not all DLC is over priced and I think $10 for 4 maps for a game I play all the time isn't a bad price.


i am a 360, but the only content that is not over priced is the free stuff.

ok, just joking, but most of the stuff i just don't touch because i think it is too much.

Nostradamus4245d ago

For whoever above was wondering.

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