Gran Turismo creator reveals his plans for GT5 - CVG's Kazunori Yamauchi interview

After what seems like an eternal wait (extended by an unscheduled delay to its release thanks to "technical issues") Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is finally out here, but it's far from finished, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi explains.

Sitting comfortably in Sony's flashy 3Rooms events HQ in London, Kazunori told CVG of the plans he has for his driving simulator, from a huge update this year that'll include car damage, to the whereabouts of the almost mythical PSP version, GT Mobile.

And just what would he say to those of you that refuse to accept Prologue as anything more than "just a demo"?

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LastDance3945d ago

He looks like hes been working to hard.. maybe he needs a break for a while!

Iamback3945d ago

He probably makes load of money, so i am not worried about him, hence if he wants we can trade.....for salaries

ktkh3945d ago

so let me get this straight. GT4 mobile was a lie all the while?

That was the reason why I bought the PSP in the first place, now its gonna be a GT5 mobile instead?.. I doubt it will even come out.. grr.

Iamback3945d ago

Dumbo! it is coming in 2009 on PSP

SUP3R3945d ago

He said it would be incorporated into GT5 for release next year. Including the GT for boys game that was meant to be on the PS2.
GT5 sounds like it'll be packed with a lot of different features.
Can't wait :)

Lord Anubis3945d ago

it wasn't a lie it was postponed for GT5. GT mobile for psp is to become a compliment game for GT5

SUP3R3945d ago

the 1 word that represents your life

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43945d ago

Fail??? Like your xBox 360!!! ;-D

HarryEtTubMan3945d ago

LOL Pathetic XBOT has to go change his avatar after seeing the PS3 CONSTANTLY pwn the 360 so bad... he was to embarassed to show his face with his original avatar so why not change it and then make jealous comments hahahahhahahahah

Bot you have lost and your console will be the onw to FLOP in sales this generation again. Its already heading there so fast. Next year the Xbox 360 will barely even be selling when the PSE is 300$ and below... mark my words.

level 3603945d ago

It's just been confirmed that the Full Version GranTurismo 5 will also have *weather effect besides having damage-mode, more cars and tracks.

Simply awesome news.

Will be awaiting the downloadable damage-mode version/patch for the Prologue Series.