Gran Turismo PSP planned for 2009

Speaking to, Gran Turismo creator and Polyphony Digital CEO Kazunori Yamauchi reconfirmed that the famous driving series will arrive on PSP. It looks like we'll be waiting until next year though.

"We're hoping to have it out by next year, during next year," stated Yamauchi-san. "A lot of our efforts have been consumed by the amount of effort it takes to develop on PS3, so hopefully we'll be able to rebalance it next year."

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wolfehound223847d ago

Can't wait hopefully it won't get pushed back more. Although with GT5 on the way it may get pushed till GT5 is released.

marcellizot3847d ago

It's about time, I'm sure it will be the best looking game on the system when it is (finaly) launched.