Disgaea 4 coming to PlayStation Vita, dood!

I remember having Disgaea 4 on the PlayStation 3 a long time ago. Never really played it for some reason and I have no idea why I don’t have this game anymore. The more reason to get excited on this news about Disgaea 4 Return is coming to PlayStation Vita! The title was announced during the 20th anniversary of establishment of Nippon Ichi Software live event in Yokohama, Japan.

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sherimae24132549d ago

now i can finally play this ^_^

KOIMOJO2549d ago

SAME! I became an instant fan after playing Disgaea 3 on vita and really wanted to play 4 but held off in hopes for this!!! Great morning news :D

LOGICWINS2549d ago

Never played any of the Disgaea games, but I've heard good things. Vitas goin hard on JRPGs!

Veneno2548d ago

Make sure you also play Disgaea 1 and 2, just for the story if anything. Some of the funniest stuff I've ever experienced in games lol.

Snookies122549d ago

It's a fantastic game. I'll definitely be purchasing it again on my Vita. Especially considering NIS loves to pack the handheld ports with all sorts of extra stuff that the console version didn't have.

Put about 220 hours into D4 on PS3, I plan to do the same on Vita lol. Disgaea 4 is my personal favorite of the series.

LOGICWINS2549d ago

I hear that the gameplay is difficult to understand. Hopefully that won't be a barrier for me.

Snookies122549d ago

@LOGICWINS - It's a bit daunting at first, I'll admit I was confused when I started the Disgaea series. It's also true that each entry builds on the system and adds more complexities to it. However, I think D4 did a good job of guiding players through how things worked. Sure, you won't know a lot of awesome techniques early on. You'll have to figure them out for yourself, but that's part of the fun. It's tough, but fair if you know what you're doing. :]

3-4-52549d ago

More Tactical RPG's is always a good thing. We don't get enough of them.

Veneno2548d ago

This was inevitable. The whole reason I held off on buying it. Now I can level up all the damn time on Vita!! Fingers crossed for all DLC included.

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k-dillinger2549d ago

yesss this series should stay on vita i love this game

Salooh2549d ago

Great to see people happy for this. however, i'm still waiting for my taste of games and i don't think i will see it this year :( ..

Hanso2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

What genres do you like?

Day 1 for me
Im super glad i could stop D4 on my ps3 after i beat the last boss. I said to myself i want to play this on my Vita because Disgaea is so much more fun on portable devices. Just lying in the bed and playing and this super awesome sleep fuction of my vita is great!

Snookies122549d ago

Stop it! You're making me really want it right now... D:

*goes to play D3 on Vita while waiting*

Salooh2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I play all kind of games but i prefer games like The last of us / tomb raider / dishonored/ god of war / mirror edge / mgs / gta / bioshock / BF / COD ..etc

I'm playing Okami right now on the ps3 , even thought i'm not a fan i'm still playing it , i played zero escape on vita , it's good but if i had a choice i wouldn't play it over the type of games i like. You could say i'm patient with these type of games xD . I will give Disgaea a chance one day. But i'm not really excited to play it..

kB02549d ago

Only one thing I can say:)

Can't wait, still playing disgaea 3 on and off, trying to platinum it, persona 4 and cod:P

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