Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros Review (Invision Game Community)

Nintendo’s in house development team has now released to the world the 4th Installment in the Mario & Luigi Role Playing Game Franchise ‘Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros’ for the Nintendo 3DS.

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kB02547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I honestly would've much rather prefered Super Mario RPG 2 or an HD remake of 1 than this:(.

Recycled, recycled least recycle something that has't been seen in a while. I just traded in my Donkey Kong 3Ds (lagathon...and input issues compared to Wii which was a master piece).

3Ds mario games seem to be subpar, I don't know why they are outsourcing their resources....I'd much rather play my mario games on the go rather than on my Wii..

Anyways, this still looks interesting but I'm done paying 40+$ for same old. I'd honestly sooner prefer to see Diddy kong racing 2 at this least thats a slight change in pace, or EarthBound 2 or something....

Meh, for now I'll stick to Fire Emblem, imo opinion more games like this (quality not genre) Nintendo would be set with the 3Ds:) This and Persona 4/Disgaea 3 on Vita :D Hahah

3-4-52547d ago

From everything I've read, this game switches things up more than any other and is arguably the best in the series.

So everything you complained against seems to have been fixed in here for the most part.

That being said, I think everybody would rather have a Super Mario RPG 2.

kB02547d ago

I'll still wait on a cheaper price:P I'm still a little disappointed from my Paper Mario where near as amazing as paper mario 64 or Wii (I actually loved the Wii one more than 64!)

finite2546d ago

Paper Mario was a disappointment, saying that though i still enjoyed my play-through .. maybe they will allow a demo of Mario & Luigi : Dream Team Bros at some point so players can test before playing... if you love Fire Emblem I would recommend grabbing Project X Zone its wicked to play.

kB02546d ago

Ahead of the game:) LOL