Nippon Ichi Announces Two PS Vita Exclusive JRPGs: Disgaea 4 Return and Criminal Girls INVITATION

During a 20th anniversary live event in Yokohama Nippon Ichi Software just announced two new PS Vita exclusive games: Disgaea 4 Return and Criminal Girls INVITATION.

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Trellgoth2550d ago

This is actually great news! Was already hoping Disgaea 4 would come to PlayStation Vita ^^

Abriael2550d ago

So was I, and I'm quite hoping to see Criminal Girls coming to the west as well, at last.

Gamer19822550d ago

WOOOOO D4! Still play D3 on my Vita and cannot wait for D4.

Hanso2550d ago

me too dood just bought D3 a month ago
cant wait for D4 SARDINES

Inception2550d ago

Haha, now your wish come true: D4 for Vita ^^

2550d ago
nick3092550d ago

Too bad i dont really like disgaea, but whoever enjoys it, congrats.

Abriael2550d ago

It's an acquired taste lol. I'll be honest. My first impact with the series (disgaea 2) was disastrous. I hated it with a passion, then I went back with Disgaea 3 with a bit more patience and now I love it.

CLOUD19832550d ago

If u don't like strategy rpg in general then that's ok I know that those games r not for every1, but in case u like the strategic aspect of those games the depth & planing required in order to clear some maps then I suggest to give this series a try but start with the 1st Disgaea it's an amazing game, unbelievable funny & it's a blast to follow the wacky story & see what is going to happen next, have in mind that Nippon Ichi plan to remake the first one so that's the best time to try it, me personal I love it :)

devwan2550d ago

The first in the series is the best of the lot and probably the most genuinely laugh-out-loud funny game I've ever played.

Inception2550d ago

Disgaea fans here. Well, obviously Disgaea series isn't for everyone. The gameplay begins a bit slow with basic tutorials. But behind it are so deep, complex, and satisfying if you can master it. So beginner will find it difficult if they not read / do tons of tutorials from the NPC.

And the story also not your typical RPG with serious characters and plot. Disgaea got tons of comedy / parody scene in every mission / chapter with hint from popular manga, anime, or movies. So if you want SRPG with serious story than Disgaea is not for you.

Snookies122550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

SWEET! Didn't think Disgaea 4 for Vita would be out so soon! Definitely buying this version. Just so I can support that wonderful game and this awesome company twice. :]

xxPillsxx2550d ago

Andd another 2! Hell yeah who gonna say PS Vita is lacking in JRPGS?

Abriael2550d ago

I have a dream: to see Sony actually investing in financing the localization of all those JRPGs in the west. Mind you, Nippon Ichi will probably do it by themselves, but there are many that don't get here, like the ones by Nihon Falcom, and those are some of the best in the genre.

Snookies122550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

At least we're getting Ys Celceta, speaking of Falcom. :]

Yes though, there are a ton of awesome Vita games in Japan that just aren't getting localized... It's a real shame.

fsfsxii2550d ago

Sony should definitely try to localize some JRPGs themselves like Nintendo with Bravely Default.
Well, its decided then.

Hanso2550d ago

Atleast we are getting Ys celceta
But i would also also like those 2 Trails of Games
and the Tales of games

Firan2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Disgaea 4 is a great game. I like it so much more than Disgaea 3.

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