Batman Arkham Origins Collector’s Edition revealed? have a summary and image of the Batman Arkham Origins Collector's Edition.

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core_52554d ago

known since the anncouncment, but the picture is new

IllumMaster2554d ago

As the article states, the Collector's Edition was unofficially announced a while ago, but the content of the CE was completely unknown until now.

2554d ago
TheWolverine2554d ago

hmm... I was gonna skip this one, but statues are my weakness. perhaps if the price is low enough...

GasTankKiller2554d ago

I've been very lucky with buying the last two collector's edition at a discounted price a year or two after release.

I will buy this collector's the same way.

greenlantern28142553d ago

That statue is f'ing sweet. Must buy this.