Citizen Kane, Ebert, And Gaming’s Inferiority Complex

I can’t believe we’re still having this goddamn discussion.

I can’t believe I actually feel that it’s necessary for me to write this dumb article. I can’t believe that people are still arguing over what constitutes an “Ebert of Gaming” or a “Citizen Kane of Gaming” or a “Step Up 2 Fast 2 Furious XIII: Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson And An Egregiously Sexualized Purple Smurf of Gaming”. I can’t believe people continue to name-drop these fairytales in hushed, reverent tones like they’re some kind of long-awaited Messiah. I can’t believe that Deus Ex creator Warren Spector is now one of those people.

Fuck this. Let’s set the record straight on gaming’s insipid inferiority complex once and for all.

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cl19832550d ago

low quality, and bad editing, When copying text from the source article make sure you read over the text and edit it if necessary. A good example is when a site writes "We" or "I" , as this should then be replaced with the site's or person's name, or you can quote the source.

miyamoto2550d ago

video games and films are two different forms of entertainment, like music is different to visual art as a forms of art

Donnieboi2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Games > Movies. There isn't a single thing that movies can do, that games can't also do. We can even do full body motion capture and capture exact facial emotions from Hollywood actors (Look at "Beyond: Two Souls" trailers, LA Noir, and Heavy Rain--Some of the best acting ever). Stories with deep emotional plots and amazing characters even without realistic plots too:(Persona 4, Mass Effect, Uncharted 2, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider remake, etc) which touch on topics such as race, gender, love, jealousy, religion, blasphemy, stigma's, rape, politics, drug addiction, terrorism, nationalism vs patriotism (killzone's sub-plot for example), etc.

Anyone still having doubts over the validity of games as an artform, is literally deaf, dumb and especially blind (or has a bias AGAINST interactive entertainment).

Keep in mind that Ebert (R.I.P.) was given a free ps3 with a copy of Journey. And he refused to play it. So how is his opinion even valid when he clearly had a disdain for a medium he refuses to try?

Debate over.

ShugaCane2550d ago

I absolutely agree with every point of your argumentation. However, I don't think it's accurate to say "Games > Movies". There is no medium or art better than another. It's all about subjectivity. Some will prefer video games over movies, others movies over video games. Some prefer to listen to music instead rather than looking at paintings, etc.. Every art is different and triggers multiple emotions, than cannot be compared, in my opinion.

starchild2548d ago

I agree. I don't care whether games are called art or not, but the simple unarguable fact is that they are. People that say otherwise are silly.

rextraordinaire2549d ago

I think it's widely accepted in my generation that video games are a form of art, or that video games do have artistic value that can't be found in other art forms.

We have to remember it's a really young medium, and that it's evolving so quickly that people who don't have a major interest in video games probably can't follow what's happening. ( My father is a good example of that, seeing how baffled he was that video games could now look as pretty as the Avatar movie, and that such level of visual quality was the norm for many AAA titles, like Final Fantasy, etc.)

But that said, it also has to do with someone's environment. I have the pleasure to live in Montreal, and with two major studios here (Eidos and Ubisoft Montréal), video games are part of the cultural landscape as much as Cinema or Circus or Music.

Wni02548d ago

Games haven't touched any of the great movies. And they wont for a long time.

8 1/2
Citizen Kane
There Will Be Blood

Yeah good luck.

starchild2548d ago

In your opinion.

I agree that videogames haven't achieved what those movies have, but then again those movies haven't achieved what games have either.