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Gaming Trend: "Microsoft had a rough go of explaining why gamers need the cloud. They are giving every gamer access to the combined power of over 300,000 servers, but why should they care? I had the unique opportunity to sit down with three Engineers from Redmond to get a little Xbox One 101."

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Need4Game2557d ago

at the cost of Internet Connection & Xbox Live subscription,
Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball can have realistic Particle Physics, from realistic Beach Sand to the realistic Water of the Sea.

MysticStrummer2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

"If we look at a typical game's requirements of its processors, we can look for opportunities to utilise the cloud. A typical game engine cycle consists of:

Game physics (update models)
Triangle setup and optimisation
Various render passes
Lighting calculations
Post effects
Immediate AI
Ambient (world) AI
Immediate physics (shots, collisions)
Ambient physics

Of these, only the ambient background tasks and some forms of lighting stand out as candidates for remote processing."

"The cloud can provide one twenty-thousandth of the data to the CPU that the PS4's system memory can."

That's with a connection speed of 8mbps, which is slightly faster than the average speed in the biggest gaming market.

"You may have an internet connection that's much better than 8mbps of course, but even superfast fibre-optic broadband at 50mbps equates to an anaemic 6MB/s. This represents a significant bottleneck to what can be processed on the cloud, and that's before upload speed is even considered. Upload speed is a small fraction of download speed, and this will greatly reduce how much information a job can send to the cloud to process."

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MysticStrummer2556d ago

@Ed - Nothing the devs have talked about is anything that couldn't have been done with the "cloud" this generation.

That list isn't my list, it's Digital Foundry's, and the article says exactly what you did about every process not being real time so I'm not sure what your point is there.

You are the one that's running and hiding.

Respawn themselves say "cloud" is nothing but a vague marketing term that simply means a bunch of servers ready to do whatever the software tells them to do. MS's cloud has no inherent advantage. Keep telling yourself otherwise. Keep repeating that to yourself if it makes you feel better, along with your paranoid theory that says polls and pre-orders mean the "internet is broken".

noregrets7262556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

@MysticStrummer that was a good read.

NewMonday2557d ago

"Microsoft had a rough go of explaining why gamers need the cloud"

cloud = dedicated servers nothing more

the problem comes when MS try to spin it as something more than that, if you give someone a copper coin and tell them it's gold, he would be very upset you thought he was that stupid.

right now MS are trying desperately to justify the $500 price for weaker hardware, just remove Kinect and cut the price down to $300 and then things will turn around.

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Godmars2902557d ago

And at no time have provider data caps ever been mentioned.

n4rc2557d ago

One thing people get confused about is.. Computing remotely and transmitting data is not the same as streaming.

Its just instructions being sent.. Not entire textures or a/v assets..

Its a continuous text file.. Even if it doubles bandwidth usage over this gen, it still isn't sending anyone over their caps..

Downloading 50gb games on the other hand.. Lol

Nicaragua2557d ago

Only a small part of what is described in this article is anything to do with cloud processing - and i cannot see how the example they give has any benefit to gaming.

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