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Paste: "400 Days is a transitional work. It’s a reminder of the first season’s theme of trust. There’s a lot of table setting and hints of things to come. It’s also a bit loose and experimental, by Telltale’s standards. I want to like the game more. Not just because it’s more of one of my favourite games of last year, but also because it’s not filled with an unending despair about people (The Last of Us, the current cycle’s big blockbuster zombie game, is pretty content to call everybody an asshole.) But it does not say anything new, really, and it feels a bit like Telltale is resting on their laurels. Maybe the second season will redeem and justify the choices made in 400 Days, but it feels like a step back, a testing ground for ideas that the first season of The Walking Dead has thoroughly explored."

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CaptainYesterday2551d ago

That's the same score I would give it, it's a good DLC but very short we hardly get a chance to get to know the characters. I do like the characters hoping we see these guys return in Season 2 along with Clem :)