Adventure games: an endangered genre?

Thunderbolt interviews two industry veterans, including the co-CEO of Quantic Dream, to find out.

"The adventure game genre is in danger. Marginalised, underfunded and forgotten, it is now a niche that only the faithful or desperate will touch. Yet adventure games were once a core member of the videogames family, a place where you could relax with a good puzzle and forget about shooting yet another Nazi henchman. They offered sharp dialogue, humour and involving stories which would keep you hooked until the very end. So why has such a staple in our gaming diet been sidelined and what does the future hold for it?"

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Montrealien4246d ago

Have I not read something like this in a cumputer gaming magasine, oh I don`t now....10 years ago?

Harry1904246d ago

i think i am going to download some roms.