Bioshock Vita still in talks

The BioShock game that was announced for Vita isn't dead yet.

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PigPen2560d ago

So they want Sony to pay for the handheld release.

showtimefolks2560d ago

sony should pay for it, this could be a huge exclusive

TheGrimOfDeath2560d ago

Probably the next best FPS after Killzone Mercenayr.

Ju2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

I was just thinking, they probably wait how Mercenary will be doing. And Mercenaries makes it quite obvious that a shooter on the go can work if done right. Only problem is, they (Irrational/2K) have no engine. It's built on UE3 and while that works on the Vita it will be holding it back to reach it's full potential - while looking great on consoles, the performance hit UE3 takes compared to other top titles (lately - e.g. see Tomb Raider or Far Cry or Metro) is quite visible. Mercenaries is done by Guerilla Cambridge - former SCE - and optimized to the metal. Unless they write a new engine, I can't see Bioshock working too great on the Vita. But I hope they'd do it. Would be a great game, none the less.

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_FantasmA_2559d ago

I see nothing wrong with that. Seems like the 2K teams that develop Bioshock have a great relationship with Sony and Levine wants to do it. An Vita exclusive Bioshock may not be the system seller it needs, but I bet at least 70% or more of those 5+ million Vita owners would buy this game. And it would sell quite a few systems too.

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WeAreLegion2560d ago

I love Bioshock. I love the Vita. I just think with Gaikai streaming PS3 games on the Vita next year, we won't need this.

TheModernKamikaze2560d ago

Not even as a different title?

WeAreLegion2560d ago

I'd love that, but I can't imagine they'll put that much money and development time into it. :/

Ju2560d ago

That's like saying because I can stream SF this fall I won't be needing Mercenaries. Of course I do.

Kingthrash3602560d ago

reason for disagrees imo:
1. What?
2. Not everyone has the internet
3. Some people ride the bus....vita + bioshock = best way to kill a bus ride (and possibly miss your stop)
4. This will boost the vitas sells
5. Beating bioshock on toilet.............priceless.

WeAreLegion2560d ago

I understand all that, but I doubt anyone is going to spend time porting the games to the Vita when they know people can play them on the Vita via streaming.

I always forget some of you people live in cities, so I apologize for not thinking about bus rides.

It won't boost Vita's sales. What would boost Vita's sales is people actually knowing the Vita exists, a price cut, and new IP's. (And maybe a Monster Hunter, but I hate that series.)

HarryMasonHerpderp2560d ago

"I always forget some of you people live in cities, so I apologize for not thinking about bus rides"

What are you talking about?
Some of you people?
you have to live in a City to use a bus?

_FantasmA_2559d ago

Nothing like smacking a Rosie while wiping my rosy cheeks and making sure not to dip my Big Daddy in the toilet.

porkChop2560d ago

It's not a port of the PS3 game. It's an entirely new game that would be built specially for the Vita from the ground up to take full advantage of all its power and features. As for your comment about money and development time, Ken Levine himself and his entire team would be working on it. This is a full scale AAA BioShock game that Ken Levine says he really wants to make and would only be possible on the Vita.

Kingthrash3602560d ago

we wrote this at the same time......btw ...awsome great minds think alike

Kingthrash3602560d ago

I don't think its a port btw. I heard it was a new bioshock fir the vita.....ya uncharted vita.

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r212560d ago

Someone just give in, this is torture for Vita owners.

xxPillsxx2560d ago

Welp, it's been so damn long since I last heard about this, hope it'll continue developing!

MrTrololo2560d ago

If it a different Bioshock game then i am in for it otherwise meh,rather play it on PC or console

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