Game Revolution: Puchi Puchi Virus Review

Game Revolution: "Puchi Puchi Virus comes from NIS America of Disgaea fame, and I think we all know what that means-humorous, over-the-top, weird-ass anime stylings, good presentation, and high but ultimately nonlethal doses of what is known in highly specialized circles of radiology as "WTF Radiation"... probably.

A virus unfortunately named "Puchiris" is spreading through town, turning people into all manner of strange-if-not-particularly-threatening creatures. As medical-child-prodigy Doctor Kevin, it's your job to get down into the body-battlefields of your patients at the viral level, eliminating ever-growing hordes of viruses (or 'virii', as the game insists)-thereby turning your patients back to normal humans from whatever odd-ass, guitar-wielding panda or whatevertheheck the virus turned them into in the first place."

+ Unique spin on action puzzle gameplay
+ Amusing patient files
+ Great poppy presentation
+ Rewards a unique pattern-recog eye...
- ...until it gets completely out of control
- Gets ridiculously fast, ridiculously fast
- Challenge level plateaus pretty quickly

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