Eurogamer: Dark Sector Review

Eurogamer writes: "It's never a good sign when a game spends years in development. It's never a good sign when the game's concept changes almost entirely over the course of those years. It's never a good sign when the game is finally released and everyone immediately compares it unfavourably to a game that came out the year before, and it's certainly never a good sign when you play all the way through the game and still have to look up the main character's name on the Internet.

There aren't, as you've probably guessed, many good signs for Dark Sector.

It's a third-person action game in which you play Hayden Tenno (thanks wikipedia!), a US special agent sent into a former Soviet state to prevent a madman from distributing a biological contagion. You get infected, you get a funky mutated arm, you get superpowers. These include the glaive, which sprouts spontaneously from your hand. A glaive is actually a medieval pole weapon, but the developers clearly preferred bone-headed 1980s Star Wars knock-off Krull to actual history lessons, and so we get a bladed Frisbee thing instead."

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arakouftaian3852d ago

this is a great gae it deserve at lease 8.5 and i will give it myself 8.9. its scarry n' fun