Iron Man Video Demonstration

On The Spot gets a look at this game based on the movie!

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5921d ago
kapedkrusader5921d ago

A load of repetitive animations and game-play looks shallow.


Like a pick up and play, whenever your bored type of game, something to get when you've already purchased and beaten all the heavy hitters.
(a couple times over) and are just lookin for something a little new.


Iron Man Game Will Be Written by Squirrel Girl Writer Ryan North

EA Motive's Iron Man game will feature writing from Ryan North, the Canadian author behind The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

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RiseNShine235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

wtf? He has also written in a ton of Marvel comic books, and you quote Squirrel Girl? Click bait at its best.

Alexious234d ago

What? He is most known for Squirrel Girl. How is that clickbait?

CrimsonWing69235d ago

Is that a good thing? 🤷‍♂️

FinalFantasyFanatic235d ago

I honestly don't know since I'm only a casual Marvel fan, do people like Squirrel Girl?

autobotdan235d ago

Better have the real Mandarin in the game. No fakes


Motive Studio's Single-Player Iron Man Game Being Developed In Unreal Engine 5

Motive Studio, which released this year's Dead Space remake, announced this Iron Man game in September of last year.

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Ninver243d ago

Wait for gameplay first. Why do people blindly hype games without any solid video evidence?

tbagmonster243d ago

like exomecha, game looked amazing, they even showed unreal engine 5 updates, meanwhile its year and half later, company is gone, website is for sale and the company is gone

DOMination-243d ago

Wow.. Where have I been to completely miss this.. haha

Glad to see EA Motive getting more responsibility after the good work they seemed to have done with the Dead Space remake. A well-done Iron Man game has the potential to be REALLY good fun!

mkis007243d ago

Watch them recycle anthem into it.

Seraphim243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Wouldn't be an entirely bad thing if we're talking about using the flight from Anthem. The up and go/flight was pretty solid. It was the shooting and other aspects that made Anthem subpar imo. So if we're talking combat then they need to do some work. Granted, even if they opted to use flight from Anthem some work would probably still need to be done regarding fast paced aerial combat. 2 cents

raWfodog243d ago

I agree. Anthem’s flight mechanics were smooth and responsive. This Ironman game needs to take that and improve upon it further.


Why Iron Man Coming Before Dead Space 2 Remake is a Smart Choice

EA Motive choosing to release its upcoming Iron Man game before the Dead Space 2 Remake is a wise decision for the developer's future.

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