GamePro Preview: 10 Things Fable 2 Does Better Than the Original

GamePro writes: "A release date has yet to be announced. The project is budgeted for tens of millions of dollars. And the development team was expanded from 70 to over 100 people as of early March. So what does this mean for the ambitious Fable 2?

For legendary designer Peter Molyneaux, this is what's required to make Fable 2 ten times better than Fable 1, which was one of the most groundbreaking role-playing games ever created. Developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios, Fable 2 returns the player to the land of Albion, now 500 years in the future and works to create an epic adventure wherein heroism is combined with real life and every action holds consequences.

That being said, here are ten things Fable 2 does better than the first game:"

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Odion4240d ago

I love the look of the game it looks so good

4239d ago Replies(1)
TurdStationPee4239d ago

Kick ass game. This is the type of game PS3 will never have. It simply can't do it.

HarryEtTubMan4239d ago

You should lay off all the drugs kid, it's making you crazy.

brothersimon4239d ago

Well said pee.

Ps3 wil just never have great exclusives like this lol

jkhan4239d ago

The game looks really good, no question about, even in its beta stages the lightening and character models looked very good. Lets how the gameplay shapes up.

FirstknighT4239d ago

This is my most anticapated game of 2008. The first Fable was legendary.

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The story is too old to be commented.