Epic Games is Working on Untitled Triple-A Shooter

Any of you looking for a job? Well, Epic Games has recently posted several job listings for a new project that they’re working on–a triple-A shooter. The title hasn’t been announced yet, but the studio’s co-founder, Tim Sweeney, has confirmed the legitimacy of the game.

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shadowmist132555d ago

really?another shooter....

MWH2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

this is what Epic does; Shooters.

zerocrossing2555d ago

They also worked on an IOS game called "Infinity Blade" so it's not like they're restricted soley to shooters.

zerocrossing2555d ago

Yeah a little change mite have been nice, but stick to what you know I guess...

ironfist922555d ago

Aww I was hoping for Bulletstorm 2

lzim2555d ago

truly? ok maybe they could refine it so it more than just generic filler... but really?

RevXM2555d ago

I would love a reboot of Unreal or new IP.

lzim2555d ago

Or unreal championships if they have the license to it.. :)....

Unreal anything would be fine.

MrTrololo2555d ago

I prefer them working on Unreal Tournament 4 than anything else.

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