Flashback: Can A Classic Be Improved?

IGN - The adventure game Flashback was a revelation back in 1992. Here's how the remake is shaping up.

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ifritAlkhemyst2552d ago

Oh hell yes. I was completely unaware of this. Day one for me.

fermcr2552d ago

Looks fantastic. It's one of my most expected games for 2013.

Since it's being released on the summer of arcade promotion, i hope it's not time exclusive to XBLA, since i sold my X360 a few weeks back.

ArchangelMike2552d ago

Playing Flashback (and Fade to Black) is definitely one of the favorite gaming experiences of my childhood. Will this remake recapture the nostalgia, I hope it does, but sometimes nostalgia is it's own worst enemy.

Dunpeal2552d ago

awesome game back in the day. not sure I wanna replay it though. would've preferred to see these resources spent on a worthy sequel. just me though

OhMyGandhi2552d ago

I love the depth of field effects for the jungle looks (on the remake).
I, too, had no idea this game was being remade, looks like its shaping up to be a good time for all.

sandman2242552d ago

I grew up loving that game. The graphics were awsome back then. Ill buy the remake for sure

SerpentDiaboli2552d ago emake/481041181983530

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