NIS America Will Release Dragon’s Crown In PAL Territories

Siliconera: "Before, Atlus games were hard to come by in Europe and Oceania, but recently NIS America stepped in to act as a distributor. NIS America picked up Etrian Odyssey IV and Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. It appears they grabbed Dragon’s Crown too since Australia’s Classifications Board lists NIS America as the game’s publisher."

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YoungKingDoran2552d ago

I scrolled down to leave that exact comment. So, well said!

FamilyGuy2552d ago

PS3 games are region free anyway. I would've imported or created a US PSN and bought the digital version if I had to.

It's a day 1 digital release and I plan to get that version so I can share with my brother.

Brucis2552d ago

I'm sure many people will be happy with this news.

MrTrololo2552d ago

Can anybody tell me what so special about dragon crown ? It just another dungeons & dragons but in HD

Venox20082552d ago

play muramasa and u ll understand

FamilyGuy2552d ago

Whoa buddy, that User ID fits you quite nicely.

rextraordinaire2552d ago


Yes, exactly.


Call of Duty is just another GoldenEye in HD,
Final Fantasy is just another Dragon Warrior in HD,
Modnation Racers is just another Diddy Kong Racing in HD,
The Elder Scrolls is just another Might and Magic in HD,
Diablo III is just another Diablo in HD,
Catherine was just another Q-Bert in HD,


Do you really expect every new game to create a new genre, Mr. Troll?

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