Evil Avatar: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

Evil Avatar writes: "A little over 10 years ago, a game came out that pushed the previously niche Console JRPG genre into the mainstream. That game was of course Final Fantasy VII, a game that propelled the Playstation brand to new heights and continues to be an exclusive main series for the Sony systems. I loved FF VII, but I don't consider it to be the best game of the series. Many out there who had their first taste of the series with that game will almost always choose that game as their favorite it seems. Now after a couple related properties Square Enix has finally brought out a property to actually feel good about from a game perspective: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on the PSP."

The Good:
+ The graphics are really good for a PSP game
+ The cutscenes, both CGI and game engine based
+ The gameplay, although action orientated, is top notch
+ The voiceovers
+ The story both expands the history of FF VII and creates its own new characters and story
+ The side missions are quite fun
+ Zack and Sephiroth's story/evolution and how it flows into FF VII

The Bad:
- The new DMW system seems to be totally random, but its outcome can be tremendous
- Leveling is left up to the DMW and no clear fact whether there is a hidden XP total or not that decides when 777 comes up or not

The Ugly:
- The evolution of Sephiroth from sane top SOLDIER to the insane man we know and love

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mirroredderorrim3852d ago

Bought it yesterday, but I haven't played it yet.

meepmoopmeep3852d ago

i'm only 2 hours in but i agree with this article so far. it's very impressive so far.

Harry1903852d ago

this turned out so well.

PS360WII3852d ago

The cs are great and graphics are amazing but the battle system and pointless side missions bring it down imho that is. Perfect score for story alone is wrong which is why Mass Effect doesn't get a perfect score either.

Great plot though :)

Mr_Kuwabara3852d ago

Yeah the battle system is very simple yet entertaining to say the least. The only thing that gets troublesome and repetitive are the damn slot videos. =/

Still, this game has been one of greatest RPG's I've played so far, I'm half way through my second cycle on Hard. =)

PS360WII3852d ago

Nice ^^ second playthroughs are always fun because you know a little bit more to do and no wasted time thinking things over. I am playing it and it really is fun I can easily admit that :)

But yeah the slots are kind of wtf?

Ashta3852d ago

I just wanted to clarify the purpose of the "slots".

The Digital Mind Wave (DMW) is supposed to represent Zack's "focus" and mindset during battle. If you notice later on in the game the slots will black out and a video will start playing that reveals some small aspect of information regarding Zack's encounters with the characters who are selected in the left and right slots at the time the DMW starts its "Phase Modulation".

The character pictures are supposed to be like some sort of memory or mental image that Zack is focusing on at the time and when they sync up he lets loose a limit break based upon his memories or encounters with these people. Obviously, Square takes some liberation with this with limit breaks for Cloud, Tseng, etc etc etc but it seems that it is based upon Zack's frame of mind.

A good bit of proof that supports this viewing of the DMW is when it short circuits at a certain point in the game.... :P

AllroundGamer3852d ago

"The new DMW system seems to be totally random, but its outcome can be tremendous " well in later missions it just gets annoying and useless since you will have other much stronger attacks and on hard difficulty it's almost totally useless since you will have the materia Costly Punch, that makes always 99999 damage... The DMW system is a step back in my opinion.

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