Dear Esther, Proteus, and Journey: Are These Truly "Games?"

Maximum PC: Like Dear Esther and Journey before it, Proteus has some pundits revving up their “is it a game?” arguments again. It’s funny, but I don’t recall a similar chariness when we started putting simulations—which arguably include most shooters and RPGs—under the rubric of “game.”

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mattdillahunty1977d ago

i think video games as a whole are evolving to the point where trying to shoehorn them into a certain definition is starting to break down.

if you try to say, "well, they're GAMES, and there's not much of a 'game' aspect to something like Journey or Dear Esther," then yeah, technically you'd be right. they're more 'experiences' than anything.

i think terms like play, compete, game, win, lose, die, etc don't have to apply to every 'game' in the medium nowadays. Dear Esther and Journey (i haven't played Proteus) wouldn't fit into the classic definition of video games, but like i said, that classic definition matters less and less as time goes on.

nowadays we have games you experience, such as these, games you compete in, games you play through, games you play with friends, ones that tell a story, ones that give you choice, ones that make you memorize combos...there are so many types, and they're all part of the same medium, they're just different expressions of it.


As long as implay it with a controller, to me that is a game

Hufandpuf1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

movies can be played with a remote control. Are those games too?

khowat1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

I think that a game is something where you're doing more than just watching/listening to it

1977d ago