Editorial: Could Car Damage Ruin Gran Turismo?

On the surface, this appears to be great news, but PSX Extreme thinks it might be a lose-lose situation... If it's as realistic as it should be in a simulator, it becomes almost inaccessible. If it's not so accurate, then what's the point?

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ThatArtGuy4241d ago

He does make a very good point.

thedude176554241d ago

other people out there will. its nice to see that someone with common sense posted a valid argument to this situation.

AdamBombastic4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Has anyone ever watched European touring car or ALMS? The drivers bump and grind all the time and it's a critical part of the racing strategy. If you go by what this article is saying, the slightest tap may render a race car undrivable. A slight bump is not going to cause the coolant to leak. I can't believe you guys are buying into this crap. GT needs damage modeling and proper crash/contact physics. I love this series but the fact I can smash into a car full speed mid-corner and come out ahead is just ridiculous. Other games have raised the bar and Polyphony needs to step up.

gonzopia4241d ago

I agree with you, mate. As realistic a "simulator" as this is, everyone knows that it's still a game. That means nudges, nicks, bumps - those sorts of things that wouldn't cause damage in real life won't cause damage in the game. I think when we talk about damage in GT5, we're talking IMPACT damage.

...but hey, if they want to add scrapes down the side of the door's paint job because I nicked a wall - that's fine too.

marinelife94241d ago

I'm excited for it. Polyphony has always said that they never included damage in the GT series because they wanted to make sure that they were able to do it right.

When Polyphony does something right it becomes the new standard for everyone else's "rightness".

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Jamaicangmr4241d ago

I think it should be in Simulation and be optional in Arcade. That way the casual GT player still wont feel turned off because he or she keeps crashing and totaling their car.

Then again am not too worried about it as Polyphony clearly has the casual and hardcore GT fans in mind. They have 2 types of car physics. That tells me that they have all GT fans at heart in all their decisions.

ianp6224241d ago

That's sort of how it is in F1 Championship Edition, and that game is even more hardcore than Gran Turismo. You can spend an hour preparing for a race, and then on the last lap of the race you touch a corner and your wheel pops off, and you're done.

But of course, you could turn the damage off.

Hulligan854241d ago

I dont think it will.

It'll seperate the men from the boys in the single player, and hopefully it'll also stop the bumper car races currently seen in GT5:P Online.

One more thing to add.


4241d ago
Fishy Fingers4241d ago

@Hulligan85, I agree, damage will just add another layer of detail to what is already the ultimate driving sim. I guess it come's down to the severity of the damage they implement, if its just visual then i cant see it actually making a difference to the core dynamic's, but if it goes further than that and the damage actually effects your car, mechanically, then players maybe forced to drive more "sensibly" and not use fellow racers as brakes.

@phuck_Fanboyz_n_halo, if you want more bubbles make constructive comments and they will follow. Oh and your name probably doesnt help.

InMyOpinion4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Do it like in Forza 2, it has a bunch of options you can turn on/off before every race. Let's you customize the damage(although you get more money the more realistic you put the settings). It works great and I think it would work great in GT5 as well.

If not, do 3 levels of damage or something; arcade, semi-arcade and sim.

prunchess4241d ago

Make total sense. Reward all that race with full damage simulation on with extra cash.

rawg4241d ago

It would be a plus for good drivers who protect their cars and end up costing "bumper car" drivers more money in the long run.

gogators4241d ago

you only had cosmetic, limited, and simulation. I wouldn't mind a few levels in between those, just for the extra online tweaking. Keep the game fun, but put in some punishment to keep everyone in line.

bumnut4241d ago

what do suggest?

forza damage model was great, shame the game was boring and had very few tracks.

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