Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 24/3 – 30/3

Sony's PSP has topped the Japanese hardware chart for the week ending the 30th of March. It was predicted that the PSP hardware sales would increase due to the release of the hugely popular Monster Hunter Portable 2G on the 27th of March, which topped the software chart with 880 000 units sold in its opening week. However, the latest Media Create figures show that the PSP sold an impressive 129 986 units, roughly 70 000 units more than last week's 59 833 units.

The Nintendo DS had to content itself with second place and just 58 916 units sold. Nintendo's handheld showed quite a considerable drop from last week's 65 055 units which sales were boosted due to the release of the latest Pokemon game. The Wii took third place in the hardware race and also experienced a decline in sales with 48 785 units sold this week in comparison to last week's 62 404 units.

The PS3 sold 11 206 units, marginally lower than last week's 12 874 units, while PS2 sales experienced a slight bump with 10 296 units, up from 9 990 units last week. What is somewhat surprising is that the Xbox 360 also recorded a slight increase in sales with 1 547 units sold in comparison to last week's 1 407 units.

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heyheyhey3945d ago

Japan just dont want to get a slice of that next-gen goodness

Regret3945d ago

There's still no great game for Japanesse market. After FFXIII RPG's will come out rapidly.

SUP3R3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

yeah you're right, that's exactly how it's been.
FF always opens the gates of the RPG genre on Playstation.

PS360WII3945d ago

you boys really love seeing the PSP on top. This is the 3rd story of Japan numbers from last week.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

...i thought so!!! It was Bill Gate$ i saw in Japan buying all those xBox 360's!!! ;-D

shine13963945d ago

you know what...thats actually funny?
bubs are a coming your way!!!!!!

Iceman100x3945d ago

How many times has this happend thur the year already? It was only a matter of time till the psp did something decent, and next week it will only be back in the dumps again. Without monster hunter the system would have been dead in the water, because it wasn't untill that game came out that people started paying it attention.

mistertwoturbo3945d ago

That's like saying "Without Halo 3 on 360" or "Without MGS4 on PS3"

Sales are sales, and it takes exclusive games to get them. Why do you feel the need to hate on that? It's no secret without certain software, the hardware won't move captain obvious.