F2P may reduce gaming to a ‘stroll through the mall’

Former game designer looks at the progress of the Free-to-Play model in the Gaming Industry, and how it could change everything - not necessarily for the better.

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FSThree2548d ago

I'd like to see some examples of poor F2P games, because I've see some great ones out there. Perhaps I tend to block the crap ones out. I mean, Firefall is looking good, Gundam Capsule Fighter is another fun game. The monetization features aren't too intrusive and everything seems balanced.

Festano2548d ago

Excellent article, this is quite worrying if you use this method.

Einhert2547d ago

F2P always has a way to be abused

ArminP2547d ago

@ franciscos3:
Sure, there are good F2P titles. And yes you can monetize softer or harder. But the one thing I want to point out is that the way you approach games has changed.
Instead of entering "the show" and being entertained wholesale, you're entering "the shop" and having buy-decisions all the time.