End of Nations Turning from RTS to a MOBA Game

Trion Worlds relaunched End of Nation as a MOBA RTS game. The developers of End of Nations, Petroglyph Games originally planned to release an online strategy game, but in the end Trion Worlds took this project and promised to finish the development on their own. The result is a major change in the game concept turning it from a RTS game to a MOBA.

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MrTrololo2557d ago

We had enough of MOBA game already. League Of Legends nuff said

Serg2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I know quite a lot of people who will be very disappointed/angry/outraged/fu rious... not a single person I know will like this change. And I can't imagine there are any at all.

Skate-AK2557d ago

Yeah I got an email today telling me to sign up for the Alpha.