Internet Explorer's dominance 'will continue' despite launch of Firefox 3

Mozilla's third version of its internet browser Firefox is unlikely to stop Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) from dominating the web browser market, according to Web User magazine.

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Lord Anubis3853d ago

It's unfortunate but true. Microsoft monopoly is far greater than Mozilla. IE is bundle with every copy of vista.

MicroDeath SoftStar3852d ago

No big deal , people use IE mostly because its built into windows . personally i prefer safari then firefox . As long as where not paying it shouldn't really matter. whats more important is apples growth which should tilt these figures in the coming years.

MicroDeath SoftStar3852d ago

Why am i getting disagrees?? my comment was 100% objective.

xxspaceMonkeyxx3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Unfortunately it'll be the uninformed and naive people that continue to use MS explorer. i.e my work or father inlaw and my wife if I hadn't shown her the light. (I use FF and Flock).

There are so many people that just don't have any clue about anything other that what already comes with their PC, and that's what's giving MS their user base.

A little in the same way Playstation have such a large userbase, people automatically think I'll buy the kids a "playstation" when they think of a gaming console. ( Ninty has turned this around with the cheap an Gimmicy Wii - I do love mine and it's great for parties, but it doesn't hold my attention like my 360 when I want a proper gaming session)


Sovannah Phum3852d ago

as if microsoft doesn't have you by the balls, why do you think that any of these three companies are more for the consumer than the other? the fact is they are after your dollars. Sony's just been more successful, don't equate trust with a quality brand to blind brand loyalty, Sony delivers in terms of game systems, and if you learn anything from history it is more likely that they will continue to do so, more so than their counterparts.

That is not to say things can't change, but I wouldn't ignore history or rely on the extremely short term scale of measuring success (which is what you're doing) to be the deciding factor of what console to choose.

to each his own, but don't think you're in the know somehow because you bought an xbox and a wii, you've just bought into their marketing strategy this time around.

93313852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

1. microsoft xbox 360 red ring of death machine
2. IE unsafe and lag like hell
3. vista too laggy not worth upgrade

firefox n xp all the way

xxspaceMonkeyxx3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

After much thought, I bought 360 because I prefer it, in the same way I prefer Firefox. Not because I was ill informed or didn't know any better. That is the point I was making.

Kakkoii3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Here are the stats from March for my website:
Firefox......2293711..... 51.1 %
IE.............1735862.... 38.7 %
Safari.........320266..... 7.1 %
Opera.........124398.... 2.7 %
Netscape.......4532..... 0.1 %
(And some 0% random browsers.)

As you can see..Firefox was used by 12.4% more people.

So I fail to see how IE "dominates" the market.

Yes my site gets that many visits. It's

(BTW, These stats include all versions of each Browser. So it didn't matter what version of the client the person was using.)

Sayai jin3852d ago

Well, for one almost al government agencies use IE, most businesses, most consumers have some form of Windows as an operating system. This accounts for a very large ratio, much larger than Mozilla. I use Mozilla myself. I am not trying to discredit your site, but stating some well known facts. Also IE comes bundled with Comps, software, etc. Mozilla needs to be downloaded. I would say most casual PC owners click on the internet to surf and most do not even realize or care what browser they use. People that are a ittle more technically or computer savy expirement with diffrent stuff. IE is Mainstream and Mozilla is an alternate.

hades073852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

I work for a Canadian provincial government and all of our PC's run Windows XP and Mozilla's seamonkey for internet browsing, still outlook for email though because it's more compatible with all the blackberry's they give us. A friend recently did a work term with the federal government and he actually did alot of programming with Linux. Not sure what the American government uses.

Kakkoii3852d ago

Sayai jin: Your basing that on pure belief's. You have no proof behind that.

While my web stats are 100% real.

You don't give normal people enough credit. It's not like the majority of internet user's are brainless and don't know anything about other browser's. Word spreads fast in this world. And Firefox is one of those thing's that is spread from person to person all over the world. Random internet user or extreme techy.

One sites web stats I would like to see tho is EBAY's. Since all types of people visit that website. Gamers to house wives.

Sayai jin3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

@Kakkoii-I did not discredit your site. My statements are not on pure beliefs, we can go and pull polls and stats over and over that discredit one and another. Currently several forums that I frequent have software that detects what browser you are using and IE is well over 65%. I currently work with 21 Government angencies (BAE)all of the countries tied and those affiliated use Windows O/S along with the full suite (IE, Word, etc). These are large governemnts not small ones. Onto giving people credit. I know most people for instance on this website (who are most likley computer savy) know about the diffrent web browsers. You are not thinking of your average person who owns PC's. I have old college buddies that work for companies such as Dell, HP, IBM, and few on the retail side of PC's, most of them say that your average person does not even know of any other operating system other than Windows. Now we know us "Techies" know about all of them, but we make up a small percentage. What is your website used for? Your website is nice, but it is not something the average PC user would use. Like I mentioned before Mozilla is not mainstream IE is. I use Mozilla 90% of the time, but I am not your average PC owner.

This report was generated 03/31/2008 based on the last 22,126,917 unique visits to all tracked websites at that time. W3Counter's sample currently includes 8,144 websites. The last 25,000 page views to each website are analyzed to identify unique visits. Some visits may occur before the month of the report.
Current Month

Need more stats. We can do this all day, but no one is going to argue that IE is not mainstream. Mainstream does not mean better, BTW.

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