PALGN: Buzz Quiz TV Preview

PALGN writes: "Along with Singstar, the Buzz series on the PS2 drove the casual market for gaming into overdrive, particularly in Europe and Australia. While neither will win any game-of-the-year awards, they were both a lot of fun with friends (gaming and non-gaming), and both saw numerous additions and expansions through out the PS2 life cycle. Last year, Sony tried to restart the phenomenon on the PS3 with Singstar, though they seem to still have a few transitional issues. Not to be left behind though, we recently had a chance to take Buzz's first PS3 foray for a run.

Buzz! Quiz TV for the PS3 is at its essence, the same as it was on the PS2, though there have been a few additions made that could allow for the series to evolve. For the uninformed, Buzz! was a quiz game that came packed with a set of four 'buzzers'. These buzzers, and a cheesy game show host named Buzz, came together to creatively simulate an actual game show that you could play. Along with numerous fun modes and a huge stack of questions, Buzz! could be great fun with friends. While obviously upgraded to high-definition, the buzzers that come packed with Buzz! Big Quiz will be wireless. They run on AA batteries, and will switch themselves off after 10 minutes idle time."

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