Sigma Harmonics details and screenshots

Famitsu has conducted an interview with Chiba Hiroki, Kitase Yoshinori and Nakaaki Yusaku about Square Enix's recently announced Mystery / Adventure RPG Sigma Harmonics. Some new details have surfaced:

· Game was planned for the DS since the start.
· The game will be enjoyable by all RPG fans, not just mystery fans.
· "Sigma" is a word that has a meaning in the game.
· Story divided into chapters, and each chapter a new mystery occurs (mainly murders). The player has to solve it in order to advance.
· The "mystery man" with the black clothes will reveal himself at around 50% of the game.

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PS360WII4244d ago

Looks pretty good. I like how they put it was for the DS since the start and that all RPG fans will like it not just mystery people. I like what I hear so far.