UGO: Battlefield Bad Company Multiplayer Preview

UGO writes: "For its latest iteration in the Battlefield series, subtitled Bad Company, developer DICE is introducing or revamping a number of core elements. A few weeks ago, we got to take a brief look at the all-new single player portion of the game and its many destructible environments. Now, with the game's beta fully underway, we turn our attention to the online beta which showcases a single match type - called "Gold Rush" - on two of Bad Company's maps.

Here's how Gold Rush works. One team, the defenders, is tasked with protecting a series of crate containing gold. The other team must destroy all of those crates, slowly pushing the enemy into fallback positions. Each "base" area for the defenders gets two crates, of which appear on the mini-map. Once the initial two are destroyed - and unless the defending team is very good, they almost assuredly will - a new base opens up further back on the battlefield, with a pair of fresh crates waiting to be defended."

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