10 PS3 Exclusives That Are Yet To Be Released

GamingBolt: ''The Last generation of PS3 games is upon us. With the PS4 hitting shelves sometime in November there really aren’t going to be too many more games coming out of the PS3 for long. While there are going to be some new cross-platform titles releasing on it in 2014, the sun has begun to set on the PS3 with the announcement of the next generation.

This is more than alright though, the best titles for a console tend to come out towards the end of it’s life. It’s a bittersweet affair that happens in every successful console’s life cycle. Just look at what we’ve seen this year for the PS3 and it’s been a good year for gaming in general as we usher out the old and bring in the new. The PlayStation 3 still has a few exclusive gems to share with us before the year is done.''

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Godmars2902554d ago

Really missing the point of this list with one title in production limbo.

Elda2554d ago

This is why I'll be holding on to my PS3 well into the next year!

MrChicagoWind2554d ago

How the Xbox One connects to your cable box, PS4 should connect to your PS3 to allow for seamless integration.

topgun332554d ago

Nice article but you forgot Yakuza 5. When it gets announced for the West

rextraordinaire2553d ago

+ Dragon's Crown, + The Witch and the Hundred Knights?