IGN's Latest SIXAXIS Impressions

Latest impressions expressed by the IGN staff as left on them by the new PS3 controller, SIXAXIS.

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Arkham4470d ago

Isn't this a bit old? Dupe?


no, this is their impressions after playing it a while, the other article was inital impressions.

I note people just keep saying it feels cheap and light...

Arkham4470d ago

No, it's old. I read this already 4 days ago. I'm fairly sure I got to it via this site too. Anyway, impressions were interesting. I don't see the lightness as being insurmountable. An easy tradeoff for the tilt functions. We shall see in a few weeks.

gokuss1220024470d ago

...Seeing that the ps3 is backcompat, that means for ps2 games you'll need to use the ps2 controller to experience the rumble as you'll need a converter for your saves: Sooooo, what is stopping devs from adding the rumble to ps3 games anyway and you just use your ps2 controller for that game

THWIP4470d ago

...but I didn't even think there was a way to hook up a PS2 controller.

uxo224470d ago

Isn't one's first impressions usually their most objective impression?

The Milkman4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

I probably wont even use the motion maybe a few games like racing be pretty cool. Ill keep it plugged up. But I like the fact that the controller will be light. But I think I would miss the rumble on the games because I love when a bomb goes off right behind you and you can actually feel it along with the sound.