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Xbox One Will Be A Success, Regardless Of How Much You Dislike It


"In recent months a lot of attention has been focused on Microsoft's stumbling progress with the Xbox One from both the media and the public. With "doom" predictions being tossed left, right and center, one really has been guided to believe this system will bomb following its launch. Although the public has been favoring Sony's Playstation 4, the XBOX One will succeed, regardless of how much you disagree, here's why."

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Community2588d ago
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ShugaCane2588d ago

Who cares ? The PS4 is still going to beat the crap out of it. Even the developers say it (directly or indirectly).

mewhy322588d ago

I agree with Karmic. The PS4 is going to win this generation. I mean believe it or not people want the most power for their money and don't like it when they have an attempt to screw them over with drm. Not to mention that they don't exactly love the idea that some hacker or nsa agent may be watching and listening through spy camera that micro$oft forces you to take with the xbone. Oh and the thing looks like a 1980's vcr and costs 100.00 more than the much more powerful PS4.

HammadTheBeast2588d ago

Well Playstation has beat Xbox for every generation so far. Even with a terrible PS3 start they managed to beat them despite the year head start which was massive for the 360, its the only reason I got mine. Well, and Halo of course.

Thirty3Three2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


He was SIDING with you. And from looking at your little back-and-forth with him here, I'd say you're being pretty rude. He'd said nothing rude to you. He'd just stated an opinion, and you decided to challenge it, despite there being no real reason to do so - unless you want to get someone angry, which I'm sure was your intention, based on far too many other comments I've seen of yours.

Just leave him alone, dude. He's saying good things about the PS4. Everything you've stated, he agrees with. Stop finding reasons to be rude for no reason.

EDIT: Why did it put my comment here? Aw well. Must've been an accident. For anyone wondering, I'm referring to the conversation below me.

LOGICWINS2588d ago

"And from looking at your little back-and-forth with him here, I'd say you're being pretty rude."

I countered his argument and I exposed him. There's nothing "rude" about that. That would imply something personal, which it isn't. KarmicDemon CLEARLY expressed favoritism here. Don't know why your playing damage control.

If I'm in fact "being rude", then let the community bubble me down if I'm being such a nuisance.

georgeenoob2588d ago Show
irepbtown2588d ago

1) 'Casual' gamer's will get whichever console is cheaper.

2) It is Microsoft, so I do expect X1 to do well.

3) It may appeal to casual gamer's, however they won't be throwing in £430/$499 (back to point 1).

4) The 'other option' is beneficial for both consoles. Don't like one (no pun intended), you'll get the other.

5) This is the most important part of this article; 'There Are Still XBOX Loyalists'.
I think X1 will be a success (to some degree) because there will always be Xbox loyalist. I know a good proportion of my friends want X1 because they loved the 360.

I have already pre-ordered the PS4 (no games yet, I'm stuck, too many!!). I want the X1 but I will most likely have to wait till next year when (fingers crossed) there'll be a price cut.

Cmk01212588d ago

its not about winning or losing its about playing what you like. Wii won the last generation by over 20 million units ahead. does that matter to you? exactly so keep suckling off mark cernys utters and let me know how that makes gaming more fun to you

Thirty3Three2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

You countered his argument... and exposed him?

1) That's disgusting.
2) You didn't 'counter' anything. You agree'd with him all the way.
3)your tone was very harsh. I could almost smell the testosterone.
4)He wasn't showing favoritism AT ALL. In fact, you were, indirectly.
5)Well, ask and you shall receive. Looks like you're already being bubbled down quite a bit.

Please. Grow up. Stop trying to create arguments just because you have the ability to do so. It's very immature.


Also, LogicWins, (which, by the way, is such an ironic name for you, as your logic is horrid.), stop creating multiple accounts just to down-vote people. It's incredibly low.

solidjun52588d ago

"If I'm in fact "being rude", then let the community bubble me down if I'm being such a nuisance."

They have. voting in the bubble system is not very effective. You are a nuisance.

YNWA962588d ago

What does PS4 look like? When you use what something looks like, when neither is really good looking compared to previous gens, thats a lame argument. As for the spy thing... jeez, NSA just have to come here and get all the information they need, you blast your opinions here more than anywhere else.... dumb move... Bush is great! Just in case....

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2588d ago

lol at of fanboys throwing disagrees about and people pretending to be neutral how cute.

abzdine2588d ago

success is relative! Sega Saturn was a success, Sega Dreamcast was a success and PS2 was a success.

With all the anti consumer policies MS is aiming at, and the higher price compared to PS4 Wii U, X1 WILL for sure end up in third position like first xbox and 360 did.

360 had all the chances by its side of winning over PS3 but it didn't happen, so how could you expect that the most hated device, least powerful, the most expensive and anti consumer could win?

Disagree if you like, but at least man up and post something against what i'm saying.

darthv722588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

genuine question here. Is it too late to change the name of the XB1?

When sony announced the NGP and showed it off, it still had time before final release and the name was changed to the Vita.

MS went through all the reveals and named it Xbox One. We still have several months before release so is it still possible to change it?

edit @abzine. but how you measure success can differ from how others measure it. The 360 IS a success in its own right. If we use the comparatives of before and after (meaning the prior console compared to the current) then the wii is a success compared to cube (no argument there).

360 is a success compared to the original xbox (no argument there)

Ps3 is a success in comparison to the 360 (no argument there) BUT it is not a success as compared to the PS2.

Dreamcast didnt sell as many as the Saturn which in itself didnt even come close to the genesis. We can say they were a success but compared to what?

To call something a success then you have to have criteria to make that argument. Now you can like something personally and say its a success because you like it but from the bigger scope of things there is always some line that needs to be crossed for something to be considered a win or a loss.

That is why they have forcasts in how many of something needs to sell to be considered profitable. That is where success comes from. Selling below or breaking even arent really success stories...are they?

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redwin2588d ago

Mewhy32, did you take your paranoid pills yet? You r telling me that your smart phone that can track your every move out side and has a camera and a mic, apps and google search and your pc that has a camera always staring at you, poses less of a treat to you than kinect? And the DRM bit, I guess you don't support Indy games, because its all "RDM". You must be paid by Sony to talk all this .... Or you know that u r making the wrong choice w Sony and u want to recruit lots of drones to help Sony stay afloat..... Lol.

LastDance2587d ago

'You' referring to the general public aka everyone...WUT?!!

2587d ago
Divine2587d ago

lol i jus love n4g. xbox will sell it has a fan base. . .im not buying it tho quality is the future which meansss??? . . yup u guessed it.

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LOGICWINS2588d ago

"Who cares ? The PS4 is still going to beat the crap out of it."

By that logic, no one should care that TLOU sold 3.4 million in three weeks because COD will outsell it anyways.

I'm simply using your method of reasoning here. Not mine.

ShugaCane2588d ago

"By that logic, no one should care that TLOU sold 3.4 million in three weeks because COD will outsell it anyways."

I'm happy that TLOU sold 3.4 million in three weeks, and I will absolutely not care if COD outsells it. As long as TLOU is a success and is profitable to ND, the rest doesn't matter. That's my reasonning.

LOGICWINS2588d ago

"I'm happy that TLOU sold 3.4 million in three weeks, and I will absolutely not care if COD outsells it."

You've exposed your own double standard. Your happy for TLOU's success (despite knowing it will be trounced by other games saleswise) yet the Xbox One's success "doesn't matter" because the PS4 will outsell it.

Way to throw objectivity out the window! ;)

MetalProxy2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Logic I was really really hoping one of these days you wouldnt be so...defensive and not seam so god damn biased. btw compairing Cod to Tlou is rude. People absolutley hated and bashed the ps3 for years and it still sold plenty. As much as I dont care for the new xbox and wont bother with micro products this gen, Iam positive it will sell just fine.
edit:rude cuz Tlou is a new ip and cod is a well i shouldnt have to explain that.

thehitman2588d ago

Actually Logic your logic makes no sense. CoD and TLOU dont compete for the same sales. They are not even the same genre of game. They dont affect each other in any way at all. They are not released close to each other so nothing compares in comparison to the xb1 and ps4. Also Karmic never said the xb1 will fail just he doesnt care if it does well because the ps4, his choice and a lot of people choice, will do much better.

WolfOfDarknesss2588d ago

Both of the consoles will success .

Kryptix2588d ago

You did expose Karmic for having favoritism which was obvious, really, but here's the thing, why so serious? When he said, "who cares" in the first post, he was talking to the majority of the people on N4G, being Sony supporters like me. Pretty much stating, "it doesn't matter, it won't stop the PS4 from doing better sales wise and I'm still buying the PS4. (developer comment here)" You just misunderstood him and I agree, he should of been much clearer. I think all you were doing was saying that Karmic is a Sony fanboy basically. Trying to point that out and make fun of him though that fact was obvious with the first post.

ShugaCane2588d ago

Wooow, there's been quite a debate here. Indeed I showed favouritism. I like Sony more than Microsoft, yes. This is funny though how you put so much effort into proving it, when everybody had already figured it out. I was just stating my opinion, though. It was a bit silly way to do it, I admit, but I don't think there was any need to go berserk like you did lol

Hicken2588d ago

As totalhitman says, I didn't know TLOU and COD were competing. Coming out at the same time, same genre, etc.

(By the way, I think TLOU actually did outsell COD for a while. One one console, if not in total.)

Where IS your logic, LOGIC? Seems like the more bubbles you have, the less of your brain you use.

4Sh0w2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Hicken it was a simple point, although they a different genres they are both games but of course COD will sell more, his point however is that doesn't make TLOU any less of a game, and fans of TLOU will still enjoy it regardless of lower sales, so same for these consoles regardless of the console sales both fans will still enjoy which ever console they buy. wii sold more last gen an nobody cares unless they prefer the wii, I bought them all and preferred the wii the least yet it never bothered me since a healthy fanbase which is all but guaranteed this gen ensures both will be supported, every comment boasting after a healthy fanbase is just pointless fanboyism.

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kennyg37392588d ago

Give us some links where developers directly saying the PS4 is better then the Xbox One..

Jyndal2588d ago

The 3rd party devs aren't going to say it because it would end up just looking bad on them for making such a reckless and biased statement.

Just look at the specs. Anyone can see that the PS4 is the more powerful machine, not to mention that it's $100 cheaper.

HammadTheBeast2588d ago

This is as far as a 3rd part dev will go without outright saying it. Obviously it's bad for business.

kenmid2588d ago

@Hammandthebest, regardless if its good or bad for the business the original poster couldn't give me example were a developer saying that PS4 is better then the Xbox.

Gazondaily2587d ago


Lol seriously? That's the best link you could come up with? SMH

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Muerte24942588d ago


Wii U is at about 2-4 million, does that make is successful? No, it doesn't. That fact that you brought up The Last of Us, make little to no sense. The Last of Us was a brand new ip being launched at the end of a console generation. How many other newly launched IPs can boast those number this late in the game?

OT: Not even Microsoft believes this. If that had been the case, they would have never backed tracked on their DRM policies. Yes they have 8 new IPs launching this year but Sony has 12 new IPs in the same time span. Given Sony track record (Journey, Last of Us, Uncharted, Resistance, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet, etc) with new IPs(GOTY), it's a safe bet.

LOGICWINS2588d ago

I could have chosen to create the argument with established IPs like Battlefield or Uncharted...and the point of my argument would have remained in tact.

For instance, Uncharted 3 sold 3.8 billion globally on Day 1. Does the fact that COD did better mean that Uncharted 3's success doesn't matter?

According to KarmicDemon, it doesn't.

Muerte24942588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


Sorry bro, your logic is flawed. I remember people calling Ps3 a flop 2006-2007 even though it sold millions. This was only because it didn't sell as much as Xbox360. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, all of a sudden, any console will be successful despite it's adoption rate.A game's success is determined units sold and how large the existing install base is. Console success is determined solely by it's adoption rate. (PSVita, Wii U)

LOGICWINS2588d ago

"For one, COD is a multiplatform title that releases on all major platforms"


You are aware that PS3 versions of COD have outsold PS3 exclusives...right?

Lovable2588d ago


Really? GT 5 says hello

LOGICWINS2588d ago

"Really? GT 5 says hello"


Does GT5's success change the fact that Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, LBP1, LBP2, Killzone 2, Killzone 3, Heavy Rain, Resistance 2, Resistance 3 were outsold by PS3 versions of COD games in the respective years that these games released?

Talk about having a selective memory.

I never said that PS3 versions of COD games outsold ALL PS3 exclusives. But have they outsold MOST PS3 exclusives...yes, yes they have.

iamgoatman2588d ago


GT5 is just over 10 million copies sold, whereas MW3 (a newer game) has sold close to 13 million copies. Black ops 2 which came out less than a year ago is already at 10 million.

Hicken2588d ago

And Call of Duty isn't directly competing against any of them, like the XBO and PS4... except maybe Killzone or Resistance, but neither of them play anything like COD, though they're in the same genre.

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JBSleek2588d ago

Yea just like all the developers were behind the 360 right?

oh shut up no one knows what the hell is gonna happen in these coming seven years.

negative2588d ago

"Who cares if X1 succeeds as long as my team wins!"


Retroman2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

X1 its DOOM!! who cares!!!!

looking forward next 7 years of AWESOME gaming ps4,x1

Retroman2588d ago


i said "who cares" simple fact i don't either way.
next 7 years going to be AWESOME with the ONE or ps4
how can you not see logic in that???

Gunsmoke2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

The One will sell more than the PS4. It will reach a larger audience. not only do hardcore gamers want it, but a new era of casuals will love Kinect 2.

Sony as a company will be dead in a few years anyway. How can they sell consoles when they're bankrupt?

BABYLEG2588d ago

This is what Sony fans have to realize. They go by what they see and hear from other fanboys. And it blocks their viewing of the bigger picture. Yes, I want a game console just like everyone else. However, if one console is a console that is almost matched in strength, and boasts a huge online network. The OS will be so connected and gesture friendly that makes you feel like you're in minority report. It does everything dam good.

the other boasts a half assed os, that no can can justify being good. Someone, please post a video of the ps4 OS. Sonys about to go belly up, yet they're still trying to appeal to the fools who got them where they're at.

NeoTribe2588d ago

Tell me more about the unrealistic dream you had.

Dogteeth2588d ago

Damn man. Their toys. Grow up.

s8anicslayer2588d ago

No body said the One will not be a success,people are saying that it won't be as much as a success as the 360. I've said it before and I'll say it again..Microsoft love them or hate they are not going anywhere anytime soon! It is human nature to fight and bicker with one another because we are all individuals with different mind sets and how we express our likes and dislikes are not the same. With that said how about those Yankees? :)

T22588d ago

True but the title is wrong on the article. "it will be successful whether you disagree or not" ... Depends how many "yous" there are ... If 150 million people disagree and buy ps4 , xboxone will not be a success will it ? If ms sells 50 million that would not be considered success by many

CerebralAssassin2588d ago

I feel like these articles are posted just to keep this argument going.

iceman062588d ago

Of course they are. It would be pretty dead in here minus these articles. Gaming news is notoriously slow during the summer doldrums and post E3 blowout. Hopefully, it will calm down once a slew of games comes out. I know...but a man can dream can't he!?!?

3-4-52588d ago

XB1 doing well is good for the entire gaming industry.

If they are going to pull ahead of Ps4, it's going to take 2-3 amazing games that nearly everybody wants to play + price drop + a few free games that people actually want to play + a couple F2P games hosted on XB1.

They would then be closer to being on par with Sony and the PS4 and could sell enough to keep it a competition.

Microsoft things they are above and beyond gaming though so I don't think they take gaming as seriously as Sony does.

They better take advantage of the "newness" of their consoles though because Nintendo will become a factor at some point and most likely when 3D mario, Mario Kart & Smash Brothers + Legend of Zelda releases.

So yea they have another 6-12 months to get a good start before water finds it's level.

iceman062588d ago

I would agree to the extent that MS has not fully committed to gaming yet. Sure, they have flexed some technological know-how. But, they have taken the buy your way to victory route. That's a business decision and I bare no resentment to them for it. However, it's a bit disingenuous to gamers that await some form of continued gaming creativity from MS themselves.

ala_7672588d ago

You are wong!!! Opinion Poll gives the brands future!!! Ps4 will be the ultimate winner..... Xbox will be a Weigner

Gamers_United2588d ago

Hey troll this isn't your thread so keep your garbage comments on the other lame Ps4 threads nobody cares what you say !!

Urusernamesucks2588d ago

Who cares about your statement as well.

Picnic2587d ago

Oh - I like the fact that your comment got more disagrees at the moment. You must have thought from previous comments that you were on to such a winner with that one. You always back the favourite do you? Well some of us like consoles when they're seen as being in 'underdog' status. That's why the turnaround of the PS3 was so sweet. I won't rule out the XboxOne until I see actual games (rather than PC representations). And I might get both consoles in the end.

2587d ago
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dedicatedtogamers2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Projecting much? It's like reading a fan-fiction story.

"It's by Microsoft, therefore the chances of failure are so low"
Um, yeah, I remember the same argument being used to "prove" the PS3 and the Wii-U would sell like gangbusters. And did Microsoft keep the Zune and Kin and (so far) WP8 from failing? Didn't think so.

"The console appeals to casual gamers"
Does it? Who makes that call? Anyone with half a brain knows that the so-called "casuals" are a very fickle bunch. Are they really going to spend $500 when they can get Kinect for hundreds cheaper on the X1? Are they interested in a $500 TV box when their TiVO or set-top boxes work just fine?

"There are STILL Xbox loyalists"
Yeah, just like there are Sony loyalists and Nintendo loyalists. Look how those Nintendo loyalists are working out for the Wii-U. Look how those Sony loyalists are working out for the Vita.

Fireseed2588d ago

Do you honestly give a shit about what happens outside your home? Do you actually think sales number impact your experience. It all matters on the individual and what they get out of said console. My friend enjoys JRPGS hence he's buying a PS4. I myself enjoy Killer Instinct and shooters hence why I'm buying the X1 first. I can't guarantee which will sell more, but I can guarantee that if I were to "abandon ship" and buy the PS4 first, I would only end up playing inFamous cause to me eveything else looks like shit. Same can be said for my friend he'd play KI and that's all he'd enjoy (as far as exclusives go).

So does it matter if you're console is "Winning" or "Losing"? No. the only question that matters is are you enjoying your time spent with it.

T22588d ago

Agreed but if xbl is a graveyard it wont be fun , also infamous is the only ps4 game you could enjoy ?? Sounds a bit far fetched to me ... Have you never played battlefield , MAG, socom, resistance fall of man , killzone 2 ?
Hey I thought halo 2 was the bomb but even its not in class of own anymore ...

Fireseed2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Well with dedicated servers sure you'd be seeing a lot of the same faces but you wouldn't have a shitty connection.

And in regards to inFamous, I was speaking of the PS4's launch line up. Second Son is really the only one that has me excited. And yeah I've played them but the only one that I thought was fairly entertaining was Killzone 2. The games that I loved on my PS3 were mainly Journey, LBP, Uncharted, TLOU, and inFamous. So I definetly will be getting a PS4 eventually (cause Naughty Dog is still a thing).

BTW Someone who's buying the PS4 talking to someone like me who's buying the X1 in a calm collected, and civilized manner because of our shared interest in video games as a whole? Bubbles to you good sir. Not enough people like you on this site.

lgn152588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Casuals will probably buy the One. It has more advertised features. If the only thing you wanna do is game then get PS4, it's better for hardcore gamers.

Also I don't think price is really the deciding factor in anything. PS3 was 599 and it sold out. Ipads costed that much. People get new cell phones that cost more than that. Many people I know literally have $400+ longboards, a piece of wood with wheels.

Also an uninformed consumer will look at the extra hundred as worth it since MS is pushing the inclusion of kinect and more features to make it worth your money.

Sorry I know fanboys don't want to hear this but it's true casual consumers are interested by things like Kinect 2.0 and "cloud gaming".

sAVAge_bEaST2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Jack of all Trades... .. Master of (n)one.

"Sorry I know fanboys don't want to hear this but it's true casual consumers are interested by things like Kinect 2.0 and "cloud gaming". "


FrigidDARKNESS2588d ago

Of course it will. Most of these negative articles are nothing but rubbish from websites tthat are sensationalizing things.