Stop the presses: Announcement of a new Nintendo DS game with dogs in it

It's now official. As the Atari 2600 was defined by its games featuring food and mazes, and the NES was defined by its 2D platformers, the Nintendo DS will forever be remembered as the system that had "all those f*cking games about dogs". Sometimes it's dogs made out of tea leaves. Other times it's dogs ready to do serious battle. And of course, there are the Dogz. It's all proof positive that today's developers just can't go more than a month without announcing a new dog-centric DS game.

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Rusted4241d ago

OH.MY.DOG...i mean... GOD

PS360WII4241d ago

ha nice American Psycho is a crazy movie

IntelligentAj4241d ago

agreed. Christian Bale is the man!!! On topic: The sad part is whatever this is it will sell.

Harry1904241d ago

the hell?
who let the dogs out?

CyberSentinel4241d ago

...for the same price as without a game, it will sell MILLIONS!

Just like their other crap games.

Nintendo's motto:

If it won't sell, bundle it.