Phil Spencer to Remain Head of Microsoft Studios

The executive confirmed on Twitter. Spencer said, "Still head of Microsoft Studios and happy with the new org and announce of Julie."

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dirigiblebill2550d ago

All hail the one remaining likeable public figure at Microsoft.

Convas2550d ago

Word up, I like him the most out of all the figure heads at MS.

I like Major Nelson too because he does a LOT of gaming. Can't hate of a fellow gamer, even if he was in over his head during the 180-gate DRM debacle.

Dogteeth2550d ago

He's just a mouth piece, ya know? He is deff a gamer though.

abzdine2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

i dislike this guy very much, the way he speaks and his obvious arrogance.
he's maybe a nice guy but it's not what i feel when i see him talk

NewMonday2550d ago

arrogance or not Phil Spencer is the only one who did his job, If he was boss of the Xbox division he would make it what it should be.

SegaSaturn6692550d ago

My sister has a horrible fear of clowns. I have a horrible fear of this guy.

Kryptix2550d ago

^He's the guy that left the mic on at E3. lol He's cool though, good that he kept his job. It's Don Mattrick that needed the eject button pressed out of his throne, created from dollars made from your avatar clothing purchases. lol

RiPPn2550d ago

Phil Spencer is a likeable public figure?

malol2550d ago

what you mean "likeable" the dude is a stiraght up douchbag

3-4-52550d ago

He's decently likeable. He also looks like he is holding in a turd in that pic...

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mewhy322550d ago

Wow. This guy really seems arrogant to me. Don really did a number on Microsoft didn't he? LOL yeah. He did. I hope they get it all together. Competition is good for the industry.

Godmars2902550d ago

"Competition is good for the industry."

Not MS's brand of it.

negative2550d ago

"Not MS's brand of it."

Please explain your ridiculous statement.

dedicatedtogamers2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Yes, we need to let that phrase die.

It should be "Good competition is good for the industry", not just any competition. I'd much prefer SEGA or even a gaming outlier like Apple providing competition in the game industry instead of Microsoft. Microsoft's idea of competition is as follows:

negative2550d ago

^ why so much hate? why are you so worried about Microsoft?

You're in almost every MS related article. $ony not doing enough to keep your attention deficit disorder in check??

Godmars2902550d ago

"Please explain your ridiculous statement."

That I have to explain it to you, means that I can't explain it to you.

I will say however, despite that it wont likely register on you, is that three times MS has shown consumer disregard:
- Not making the first Xbox's DVD drive a DVD movie player out of the box. Out of the box.

- The differences between XBL Gold and Silver.

- What they originally intended with the XB1.

negative2550d ago

@Godmars290 - Oh here's another "look at me on my high horse" $ony fanboy.

If that's all you have then you are as clueless and ignorant as the rest of them.

- DVD player out of the box... REALLY?? THAT"S WHAT YOU'RE STARTING WITH???

Your complaints (as weak as they are) have nothing to do with their competitive nature. If they don't have features you are looking for (or have features you don't want) then GTFO.

Quit b*tching in MS related articles....

KillrateOmega2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )


"Oh here's another "look at me on my high horse" $ony fanboy."

Why does he have to be a 'fanboy' for not liking MS? It's not like MS has been making themselves out to be very likeable these last few months :P

Honestly, God forbid that we not like that company that tried to release upon the world the monstrosity that used to be the Xbox One. That company that, for the last few years (Excluding the Xbox One), has been shoveling timed exclusives down our throats and coupling them with so few new IPs. That company that is infamous for its greed and attempts at monopolization.

"Quit b*tching in MS related articles...."

Why? Because you don't like what he has to say? He has as much right to post in any article as you do.

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EXVirtual2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

My take is, if your not a good competitor, don't compete. At this point, I seriously want MS out of the console race. They're the ones who made who introduced gimped multiplats, DLC, timed exclusive and with the bone, for weeks they tried to get every1 to love this DRM as well as all the other BS. I wouldn't be surprised in 1-2 years, we're all commenting on an article saying: 'Microsoft does a 360 with DRM on the Xbox One'.

EDIT: @JBSleek, a good competitor is someone that doesn't try bs like DRM. The PS3 didn't do any of that I believe. The PS3 was too expensive but it was a Blu Ray player. Don't forget the PS3 launched when Blu-ray was very VERY expensive.

JBSleek2550d ago

Good? How do you define a good competitor? I like how you say they introduced many things that already existed on PC... Oh the logic.

I won't be surprised if in 1-2 years people feel really stupid that they overreacted just like they did in 2006 for PS3.

I wonder if you were as critical of PS3 when they announced in 2006.

S2Killinit2550d ago

I think this is the guy who decided to add the "bro dude" demographic incentives lol.

Dogteeth2550d ago

Haha I saw that during e3. All I thought about waS him changing shirts really fast back stage being out of breath.

OC_MurphysLaw2550d ago

Glad to see Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenburg are staying in place. I am assuming Phil Harrison also will be staying put in his role in Europe.

Minato-Namikaze2550d ago

Phil harrison is the second mole. He's gonna do some more damage to MS from the inside beofre he takes a cushy gig at pop cap or somewhere, lol.

OC_MurphysLaw2550d ago

Nah... Harrison is like a hired gun. Sony couldn't pay him enough. Every company needs a guy with an accent on stage like that little elf guy Sony has now.... can't remember his name but he cracks me up everytime I see him cause I think of the Keebler Elves.


ThatCanadianGuy5142550d ago

LOL He does seem kind of elfish in an odd way.

He sounds almost whimsical when he talks.

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