Why I Fear for Nintendo's Future

Nintendo's been a fan favorite for years and years, but are they finally in danger of losing steam and entering their Dreamcast era?

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Theyellowflash302558d ago

No, the dreamcast was one part of many failed systems for SEGA. SEGA had multiple financial problems and issues.

Nintendo has far more money, and a hyper successful portable division.

geekspodcast2558d ago

I won't deny their portable success, but do you think it's suffered at all from the increased quality of game experiences on mobile devices?

dark-hollow2558d ago

Going by how well the 3ds is doing I would say no.

It probably won't do ds numbers, but I can see it reach 60-90 million maybe even more by the end of it lifespan.

Theyellowflash302558d ago

Yeah, going by the sales of the 3DS, I would say no as well.

Pokemon X and Y is going to smoke any iOS or Android game in revenue and thats a fact.

dark-hollow2558d ago

The thing that people forget is that even if the Wii u sales lack like the GameCube, Nintendo still have the 3ds as their main income.

They survived the GameCube era without any loses in profits due to the success of the gameboy advance.

deafdani2558d ago

The Gamecube was profitable for them, actually, despite its low sales. Unlike Microsoft, who lost more than a billion dollars on the first Xbox despite selling slightly better than the Gamecube. :P

And I expect the Wii U to sell better than the Cube, if anything just because the gaming market is now much, much bigger than it was back in the Cube / PS2 days.

Nintendo will be just fine.

PigPen2558d ago

This couldn't be more misleading. Even if I was to say the Wii U won't be successful, it will take much more unsuccessful hardware to enter the Dreamcast era. Everyone is over reacting when it comes to the Wii U. Next gen will be just as long, if not longer then current gen. I am sure the console will be successful.

PopRocks3592558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

The thing that people don't consider (notably the people who seem to be the ones disagreeing with you and Theyellowflash30) is that Nintendo doesn't take large losses on hardware.

Sony takes losses but they sell a lot of hardware and software. Sega took losses but did not sell hardware and therefor not a great deal of software. In the Dreamcast's case it was riddled with rampant piracy, so even the few software sales they made were gimped. And this was after the Sega Saturn's poor performance as well.

These issues are barely even relevant to Nintendo because they do business in a different way. To say the Wii U being a failure will end their run is just unbelievable, unethical and just plain silly.

Kevlar0092558d ago

I'm certain they make money with every console sold, or at the very least need to sell like one game to make a profit

Ninteno is pretty frugal with their money, only two years with losses from a 50 yr plus company, and Im sure they don't spend money to secure third parties (if they do it's usually to assimilate them into a 1st/2nd party)

Nintendo functions off the strength of their franchises. Until we see Mario and co. falter with no back-up is when we can speak of their demise. Sega died because of a string of failures, Gamecube (at a profit) sold 4 million less than Xbox yet we don't consider Xbox a failure, Nintendo really has no strikes against them, WiiU would be a first in a long while

Kos-Mos2558d ago

Why I fear for the future of video game journalism: They write everything to get hits. Come at me Write a reply to me. PLEASE!

geekspodcast2558d ago

Hey Kos-Mos,

I'm not sure what you want me to reply to, but I'm assuming your position is that I've written an article with the intention of hoping people will read it. In which case, you're absolutely correct.

Now if you're implying I don't stand behind what I write or legitimately feel this way, there's nothing I can say to convince you otherwise except that I took the time to write it and if you don't dig it, that's cool you don't have to read it but have a good day anyways and thanks for the comment :)

Bronxs152558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Very well said. Wish more ppl had ur level headed rational approach to things. I haven't read ur article yet and wasn't planning too, but will difinately check it out now as I just became more interested in your views just bases on how u replied to the guy calling u out.

Ok,just read the article and enjoyed it, thanks. Interestingly I really enjoyed zombiu as well but didn't finish it completely.

Have you played the last of us? It scratched the itch for that kind of game way better than zombiu did.

Playing zombiu felt great At the time but in a post last of us world it feels hallow

geekspodcast2558d ago

@Clyde san

Sorry, I'd have replied to you directly but it wouldn't let me for some reason?

Thank you very much for the kind words I surely appreciate it! I can understand Kos-Mos position because there are a lot of people out there who like to write purely to get people riled up, but I do my best to stay away from that type of writing. I think the perception of bloggers or other content creators on the web is that they're just exploitive and don't truly believe in the work they create but that's not the message I want to send and I hope to do this for a very long time. So thank you for checking it out because every reader/viewer I get means the world to me.

I LOVED ZombiU I just hated that I hit a game-breaking glitch and never got to finish it and was especially disheartened to read there wouldn't be a sequel. It wasn't just a fantastic showcase of the Wii U's abilities, but a solid return to survival-horror in its own right and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with it.

I know what you mean about The Last of Us and (last shameless self-promotion I promise) wrote another article I submitted here on Monday about my feelings about the ending if you'd like to read it :)

But to your point, I think a lot of people feel the same way about games right now. Someone (can't remember who) called it the Citizen Kane of gaming and I'm inclined to agree. A lot of games that were even solid in their gameplay appear lackluster by comparison because the storytelling doesn't even approach TLOU.

It just took the entire medium to a whole new level and that's the stuff that keeps me passionate about covering games. It's a medium that, sadly, will have some of its greatest moments and contributions to our culture lost on some who say they just 'don't play games' which to me is as bizarre as saying you just don't watch movies or listen to music.

Anyways, apologies for the tangent there.

TLDR, Clyde is awesome, loved ZombiU, sad there's no sequel, adore The Last of Us

Kos-Mos2558d ago

Even if you reply maturely (which I really respect you for), it doesn`t change the fact that your headline in the article is screaming for hits. That`s the problem. If you want your site to look like The Sun (I reckon you know what newspaper that is), you will experience comments like mine from above.
Have a good day, and thanks for the mature reply:)

geekspodcast2558d ago

Hey Kos-Mos,

It's a literal statement of the article's content. One submitted as an opinion piece with a title explaining how *I* feel- Not everyone, not Nintendo fans, and certainly not the universe entire.

If a headline is too generic you won't read or If it's too inflammatory, well, you STILL wouldn't read. I went with a literal statement and some evidence to support my position.

I'm prepared to consider a different headline if you have one to offer :)

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AWBrawler2558d ago

not me. i refuse to put click bait articles on my site unless my opinion just so happens to line up with click bait.... so far that hasn't happened yet. from my experience, people enjoy articles more when it comes from you and its what you really feel.

Trago13372558d ago

Can we give them a chance to release the big games they have coming AND THEN see if their future is in peril?

They have yet to release Smash or Kart or anything else, or launch a huge marketing campaign.

Godmars2902558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

The thing about this is that much of what is being said now was said with the Wii. If not the NGC and even the N64.

Nintendo has been diverging into their own world since they got burned by Sony and turned off CD tech. Have never really allowed their games to mature unless underpressure. And they're just now underpressure.

Its a chicken/egg argument. Sony worked the deal too much in their favor, Nintendo was too late in realizing it, so they went behind Sony's back and worked another deal with Philips.

McScroggz2558d ago

You know it was Nintendo that burned Sony right?

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