20 things you didn't know about the ps4

20 things you didn't know about the ps4

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FateoftheGame2553d ago

I can't report for some reason, but this appears to be a duplicate story.

Smurf12553d ago

Yeah some bug. It's also not an official channel so no direct linking to YouTube.

FlameHawk2552d ago

Who even approves these?

Avernus2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

aceitman (1) | 3h ago
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jaredhart (3)

^ 13hrs ago Oo

WeAreLegion2552d ago

20 Things You Know About The PS4

Fix the title.

PigPen2552d ago

There is nothing about the PS4 anyone doesn't know. They aren't Nintendo, Sony holds no punches when it comes to console news.

DARKrage342552d ago

Wait, there is such a thing as a PS4?!

And it does this many things?


dcj05242552d ago

Whats a ps4? Is it a new phone?

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