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Borderlands is the epitome of insane fun, insane action, and just plain insanity. And nothing shows that more than the latest DLC release of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. The craziest character in any video game ever, now has you at the mercy of her twisted, freaky mind. Roll for initiative suckas!

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MooseWI2548d ago

This DLC has been painful for my friends and I, the gameplay and everything is great, it's the difficulty that is killing us, we all have the best gear a 50 can get and as a group slagging and playing tacticfully, we can not kill anything. Everything dies so slow and kills us continuously before having to move on to the next common mob. Something isn't right with our gameplay I just don't understand :/

GamerFiend2548d ago

The enemies in this DLC are a lot tougher than previous ones.We were all level 61 and had a variety of characters. Our loot was also extremely high end. What do you have for characters?

MooseWI2548d ago

I play Commando, friends play Siren and Zero, and sometimes a friend plays with Gunzerker as a group of 4.

GamerFiend2548d ago

the only difference we had is a Mechromancer instead of a Commando. We had no real problems. Curious to know why it is so hard.

Grap2548d ago

i am glad i get this game with season pass for only 20$

awi59512548d ago

We had a easy time with 3 gunzerkers lol .