Splinter Cell Blacklist: 'Biggest Splinter Cell Game We’ve Ever Created' - Ubisoft

"Splinter Cell Conviction was a pretty short game. Even though Ubisoft added a co-op mode and extra missions, it was still not brimming with content compared to the previous games in the long running franchise."

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theWB272558d ago

Pretty sure this and GTA5 will be my last games this gen. Can't wait!!

blackstrr4112558d ago

+ Castlevania MGSV murdered souls and killer is dead for me

snipab8t2558d ago

Is MGSV coming to current gen?

PigPen2558d ago

That's good to hear, cause I was actually looking forward to this game.


I hope the spies vs mercs has returned to its original style. There's nothing better than making a merc chase you down a long dark hallway only to have your friend jump down on his head because he was to focused on the chase lol. Good times...

Einhert2558d ago

Have to say I really lost interest in this franchise ever since conviction, they have just removed so many features that made games like chaos theory great and methodical.

MrTrololo2558d ago

But can this game beat splinter cell chaos theory ?

RioKing2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Can it, yes. Will it, NO