PlayStation 3 Advertising Art is Impressive

onAXIS writes: "Two new images of what seems to be a new PlayStation 3 advertising campaign have surfaced on Ruliweb today. No information was given on where this appeared, but they did list the people who did these impressive ads".

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skynidas4248d ago

I think that the Baseball player image is really impressive, Sony have some really interesting and strange but cool ads!

HighDefinition4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

The first one, besides the controller looks like a God Of War 3 add.

The second, besides the baseball player looks like Resistance 2 add.

Amanosenpai4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Totally agree with you dear DORA, the pics are AMAZING...

Call me "fanboi" if you want but this week was a great deal for the PS3

^_^ and it is NOT over YET

HighDefinition4248d ago

Yep, this week was huge for PS3, everything is rapidly getting better for it, especially since the beginning of 2008.

iHEARTboobs4247d ago the picture with the girl. Now look towards the bottom center of that picture and you can see a head there looking at you. Just looking at you..............MOM!


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Alcaponedyou4248d ago

it looks like art in a museum

TruthBTold4248d ago

I really like Sony's dark and mysterios advertising, it goes well with the system.

Silent4248d ago

2nd picture I see square, X, triangle but cant find O lol...where's Wald(O)

wAtdaFck4248d ago

The circle is on the right of the dismembered hand. I can't find the square though. ?_?

Wildarmsjecht4248d ago

on the bottom center of the..well..centerpiece they have the buttons put together, but ur right I cant find circle. i dont want to believe its the wagon wheel when the others were pretty obvious..hmm.this is gonna keep me up.

poopsack4248d ago

the square is on the arm of the soldier under the banner of the x

shine13964247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

the circle has to be on a red flag...thats where the rest of them can't be the wagon wheel...

found it. you have to enlarge the picture...and its close to the wagon wheel...

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Peekay4248d ago

I'm sick of the "this is living" ads in all Pal regions. They kinda suck and are weird. They should replace them with these in a moving form. They look awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.