Youtube's Best Video Game Music

Steve Wysowski from writes:

"There are alot of great videos one can find on YouTube, but video game music thrives there. I love listening to all kinds of video game music, and as I sat on my ass all of today, drinking beer and viewing numerous gaming clips, I decided to post up a top ten based around my favorite bits of video game music one can find on the internet. These vids can be anything as long as it blends music of some knd (whether original or not) with the wonderful world of video games. I mixed things up a bit, and while you may not agree with my order, I hope you enjoy the great selection of gaming music I have laid before you. Enjoy."

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DarkPrince4482d ago

It's really a pretty good article. Some classy tunes in there.

jamezrp4482d ago

Never been one for videogame music, but that's a good compilation of memories right there.

inSaneELF4482d ago

Great compilation of good video game music videos. I've seen a lot of those, but it's nice to watch them again.

n00bFRAGGER4482d ago

lol I forgot about some of those /tear

boogeyman9994482d ago

Yeah- I think I did a good job putting the videos together.

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The story is too old to be commented.