Want to Play Puppeteer on Vita? Ask Shuhei Yoshida

Push Square: "Puppeteer may be in full costume ahead of its September curtain call, but many are hoping that the PlayStation 3 release is merely a dress rehearsal for a subsequent PlayStation Vita version. However, according to the game’s creative director Gavin Moore, that’s a request that you should be making to the top brass at Sony Computer Entertainment."

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fantasygamer2552d ago

Yes please I would love to play this game on Vita.

xxPillsxx2552d ago

Want to Play Puppeteer on Vita? Ask Shuhei Yoshida
Do it!

minimur122551d ago

I originally thought it was a Vita title...

r212552d ago

As much as I'd love this to be on Vita, there is no way they can pull off all the visuals from the game on PS3 and port it to Vita IMO. I'd rather play this on the big screen to see all the awesome effects they've put into this game than on a smaller one.

If they can however put this onto the vita without any visual degradation from the PS3 version then yeah, more power to them.

Williamson2551d ago

Played the demo and this game would be perfect for the vita, but If that means a significant downgrade on the visual side then I rather it not. The visuals give the game an uniqueness imo.