EVO Pool Matches You Don’t Want to Miss: Arcade Edition

Davis from Denkiphile: "With all the pools, quarter, and semi final matches occurring tomorrow for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition at EVO, we felt that it was just right for us to take a look at the match ups you definitely shouldn’t miss."

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pompombrum2548d ago

Lol it's a shame this article only just got approved. Was some really good matches though.. highlights for me would be PR Balrog beating Infiltration and Sako making winners in top 8. Can't wait for Daigo vs Infiltration in losers on Sunday and Sako vs Xian should be good too.

mattdillahunty2548d ago

man, last night felt like Sunday with all the hype matches they had! it sucks that both Daigo and Infiltration are in losers, though, because i was hoping for a Grand Finals with both of them in it. but that's impossible now. lol.

the top 8 is stacked, though, and i wouldn't be surprised if any of them ended up the champion.

wishingW3L2548d ago

but because they are in losers now we'll see them more because they'll have to fight more matches. ;)

mattdillahunty2548d ago

well, we'll only see one of them more, since they're playing each other right off the bat in top 8. lol.