Xbox One pips PS4 in Currys & PC World’s top Christmas tech gift predictions

UK RETAILER Currys & PC World has predicted that Microsoft's Xbox One games console will be the UK's best selling tech Christmas gift this year, despite most INQUIRER readers favouring Sony's Playstation 4 (PS4) console.

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ShugaCane2556d ago

I smell a spicey article here.

forcefullpower2556d ago

I don't know anyone that buys from these places any more. So annoying when staff have no clue about tech they are trying to sell you.

iamnsuperman2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Bare in mind it is the UK and the UK had a lot more 360 sales the PS3 sales so in a way it is logical and not totally idiotic especially if you look at the natural progression when it comes to trophy/achievements and friends.

However I do think the may be wrong about that but I can see reason in their thinking

Angeljuice2556d ago

They are really clueless when it comes to tech. Some years ago I bought a DVD +&- writer for my P.C. ( when they were fairly new). My friend went into P.C. World a couple of months later to get one and was told;

PCW: "They aren't available in the UK yet".
Friend: "But my friend bought one months ago"
PCW: "He's lying"
Friend "but I've seen it"
PCW: "then he must have imported it for hundreds of pounds"
Friend "He paid £45 in Novatech"
PCW: "Thats not true, If they were in the UK, we'd have them first"
Friend: "Can I see the Manager?"
Manager: "there are no such drives currently in any UK stores".

My friend left and never went back.

thrust2556d ago

People know what they want when it comes to game consoles, they go in and ask for it.

Ps fanboys bumming hard on this, blame the staff!

Btw, currys is one of the biggest stores in the uk.

Great news

MysticStrummer2556d ago

PC World... you know, Psychic Consumer World. Known for their accurate predictions of market trends.

YNWA962556d ago

Everyone knows PC world as much as Game in UK. They are big sellers, always promoting. So I would believe what they say, even if its not your ideal statement 'PS4 Is our God!' As usual if this said PS4 instead anyway, this would be a nice respectable store.... same old Bs....

DragonKnight2556d ago

@thrust and gman: The description paragraph alone says most people favour the PS4 so the stores predicting that the Xbox One will outsell PS4 during the holidays when A)They don't know the release date of either console and B)They are ignoring what people are saying is completely laughable and not based in actual fact or evidence. Sorry, but your idol the Xbox One is trailing in public demand and your 2 favourite UK stores don't know what they're talking about.

ChipdiddyChip2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

@forcefullpower and @allformats
Haha! Curry's and PC World are the biggest electrical stores in the UK, they are owned by Dixons. Google it

darren_poolies2556d ago


Apparently they just don't like to hire people who actually have a clue about anything.

2556d ago
Mounce2556d ago

@Iamnsuperman - No....360 didn't sell better in Europe at all -_-

Everyone bloody knows EU as a whole is Sony-land.

it goes:

NA > More in favor of Microsoft
EU > More in favor of Sony
JP > More in favor of Sony and Nintendo, Microsofft is shunned.

Microsoft is desperate to target little tiny witty bitty retailers because Amazon isn't shifting for them, Gamestop isn't shifting for them, Bestbuy and Futureshop aren't either SO....Where else do they have? Walmart is playing it neutral somewhat and so they're just....desperate. Especially since they know NA is shifting to like Sony more, and that likely scares them since NA was always Pro-360 this entire generation so to see it shift so quickly into Sonys' favor probably makes them nervous.

sweendog2555d ago

Yes ps3 did better in europe as a whole but 360 sold more in the uk than ps3. Actually more than the wii. God knows how though

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komp2556d ago

PC World, the nostradamus of gaming.. A Shame they were not able to predict their own demise (currys in UK).

Reefskye2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

PC world and currys are still around comet is the company the fell apart.. Currys and PC world are owned by dixons retail and at the moment are the biggest electronic retailer in europe.

Go to London they have a store dedicated to gaming mostly PC gaming, They also have a black store in harrods which only sells high end electronics.

komp2556d ago

Wow. Yeah, my bad... now I get the disagrees.

Thanks for pointing that out... totally got it mixed up.

MoonConquistador2556d ago

They have a black store in London?

I thought they were trying to break down barriers, surely something racist about that /jk

stubbed_out2556d ago

Very interesting, had no idea about being owned by Dixons.

I go to PC world on Tottenham Court Road a fair bit for work, it's alright there but like all retail stores, there's just not as much selection as online (and better prices too).

On topic, very surprised to hear X1 is leading preorders in the UK, haven't heard one person mention any desire to get one yet, it comes up a fair bit. 360 has strong numbers in the UK, but if MS can't bring down the price of the X1 to match PS4 I can imagine there will be a lot more people going Sony next gen.

pedrof932556d ago

I don't think these guys have any information on the price or what is going on in overall.

n4rc2556d ago

But you do?

If this same retailer stated ps4 was their predicted winner, then everyone would talk about how this proves their point..

But because its Xbox, they obviously don't know anything..

So typical of this site..

greenlantern28142556d ago

You see the problem with this article, they predict the Xbox1 will sell the most yet the numbers they give about people what the people want and have preordered say ps4 is ahead.
I could see the Xbox1 selling more than ps4 in the U.k because just like in the states they have a big fan base.
But I have said many times both are gonna sell out the company who puts the most on the shelves will be the winner. And nobody knows what those numbers are yet.

avengers19782556d ago

@greenlantern, you are totally right, it all depends on witch one is able to put the most units out there, because both are selling out everywhere

GribbleGrunger2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

In other word: 'we are going to push the X1 harder than the PS4.'

For those who disagree, this is how it's been in my home town for years now so I'm assuming it's the same across all of Britain. PS3 was pushed to the back of the shop and the 360 took centre stage with bigger displays and more copies of the same games. It's the same in ALL retail shops in my area. I've seen assistance actively pushing the 360 and persuading people against buying a PS3.

Fishy Fingers2556d ago

I think your probably being a bit dramatic. Point of sale is usually provided by the product manufacturer. So if MS had better displays that's probably down to their representatives pushing they're product and displays more.

Plus, historically through this gen the 360 was the preferred system in the UK so it's no surprise it received more attention from retailers.

You'll probably see them getting more equal treatment next Gen if early indications are to go by.

GribbleGrunger2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Yeah, they'll get more even treatment this time around from some shops, but there are shops in my region that are without doubt biased. I even overheard an assistant (when carrying a PS3 to the counter) say 'I've a good mind to kick this across the floor'. I kid you not. It was made even more startling because the customer was stood there waiting for the console. I've even corrected misinformation, much to the chagrin of the shop manager.

MoonConquistador2556d ago

I have seen the same though it was in an old Gamestation store in Scotland. Not sure if stores made a higher cut of the retail price with a 360, but they have definitely been pushed more than the PS3. I overheard one guy telling a customer the advantages of the cheaper discs in the 360 due to PS3 having a blu ray drive. WTF

I have little respect for Curry's/PC World though after a salesman spent 20 mins trying to sell me a HDMI lead which could handle a 200Hz picture refresh and was only an extra £40 more than the 100Hz version. Needless to say he lost the sale of the Sony Bravia I was buying at the time which could only output 100Hz anyway.

These places are only good to go and have a look at products, prices and customer support are far better elsewhere.

asmith23062556d ago

This is the truth, PC World pushed the 360 much more than the PS3. You could barely see a PS3 add in their stores at the time. Lots of cash to be made on 360 accessories vs PS3!

Funantic12556d ago

Preorder sells can't tell you how successful a game console will be in 5-10 years.

thrust2556d ago

Yeah mate your right! That's what it is. Lol

forcefullpower2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

You are pretty much right Gribbble. Microsoft payed GAME to have their product at the front of the store. They have done the same again. The stores I have gone past all promote X1 nothing about the PS4.

GribbleGrunger2556d ago

GAME and Gamestation are the very shops I speak of. It became so obvious that I stopped shopping there eventually.

asmith23062556d ago

Funny though, I was in Gamestop and asked how many pre orders were taken for PS4 and X1 so far and the ratio was 3:1 is favor of the PS4. He said it's the same in all stores.

We know most gamers are going for the PS4 over the X1. Wait for after Christmas this year and we will really see which console the general public has chosen. The numbers won't lie, sure why would they. Unless it's VgChartz numbers of course ;)

thrust2556d ago

I love the way fanboys make stuff up like this just so they feel better, would love to see what is going on in there heads.

GribbleGrunger2556d ago

@Thrust: Why the hell would we need to make this up? I'm not sure if you've been following the internet lately but the PS4 is doing rather well.

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seedaripper19732556d ago

Absolutely correct there Gribble, but i was shocked to see my local GAME in bristol with a massive PS4 cardboard cutout at their front door?! will wonders never cease?! Although the manager was adamant about the Xbone as being his choice, and boy did we have a lenghty discussion about it's merits (or lack thereof);-)

hiredhelp2556d ago

They did push them back same way as Game and game station used to advertise stuff xbox in your face soon as you walked in games xbox. As for pc world i go in if im nearby if im board while out but i dont shop there anymore not for many years.
Shame currys merged with pc world.

NewMonday2556d ago

this is just how salesmanship works, where I live the PS3 is dominant and PS3 games take over the prominent displays.

if a platform has a bigger install base that means a store will have more customers looking for games on that very platform, so you make buying easier for them, its just business. if the PS4 gets a larger install base then stores displays will reflect that.

seedaripper19732556d ago

Where do you live mate?? i've been most places in the UK, and the 360 has always been the dominant space taker (granted it eventually evened out- sort of)

NewMonday2556d ago

I mean in other parts of the world :)

LoveSpuds2556d ago

Exactly my experience in South Wales too, the sales staff were only ever interested in pushing XBOX.

They are well known for having the most ill informed staff around when it comes to Tech, all they are trained to do is push their extended warranties on everyone they can.

I went to buy a 360 a few months back to replace my son's broken 360 again (this was the 3rd XBOX in 5 years!) and got into an conversation with the sales clerk.

I was really pissed at having to pay out again and was saying that I prefer PS3 and the guy was spouting the same lies from when the PS3 launched about having no games etc.

I mean honestly, how can people who are supposed to be clued up be so ill informed, I pointed out the disparity with the exclusives and he had nothing to come back with - bellend!

EasilyTheBest2556d ago

Hello from me who is also in South Wales.

Cam9772556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Tell me about it. I've seen people enter GAME who are gaming noobs and ask what platform to buy. One time this happened and the salesperson gave the most subjective anti-ps3 explanation ever as he criticised nearly every feature. I felt like stepping in and setting the consumer straight as he claimed the 360 has "better exclusives", "better online" and a "better controller".

Game do hire some idiots!

gnothe12556d ago

have you ever thought...maybe because the 360 SOLD MORE in your home town thus warrenting the center stage treatment...why put something thats not selling center stage?

GribbleGrunger2556d ago

Isn't it also a possibility that the console pushed more sells more? The PS3 has seen a ridiculous amount of support for the last two years and the 360 seen hardly anything (exclusive wise) so why is the situation still the same?

abzdine2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

in the end PS3 outsells it worldwide.
PS4 is another story, it's starting strong even before release. Now let's wait for the effect of an October release on consumers to see how powerful PS4 impace is gonna be

Gunsmoke2556d ago

It can feel your butthurt from here gribble

GribbleGrunger2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

LOL (I hate typing that)

You can't be serious? Have you been following the internet at all? This is a tiny drop of green in a huge blue ocean my friend. You see, this was just my personal experience but how can I not respond to you without sounding like I'm gloating? You give me no alternative. I had to set you straight.

It's just so out of place to respond like that here. It's like watching people gorge themselves at a banquette while you're snacking on a sandwich, and laughing at them because you have a pickle and they don't.

Get outa 'er ya little rascal you ...

Gunsmoke2556d ago

Have you bumped your head? Are you feeling well? Because I have no idea what you're trying to say.

You're a very bitter Sony fanboy. You even admitted another day that you are revelling in the negative press MS is getting because the PS3 had got it.

I visit N4g to laugh at posters like you, you're hilarious.

solidjun52556d ago

"You can't be serious? Have you been following the internet at all?"

He's a multi-account troll. Should you be surprised Gribble?

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