Update on the PLAYSTATION Store + Screens

Grace Chen, Senior Manager of PLAYSTATION Store, writes:

"Hi everyone. Just a reminder that there's no PLAYSTATION Store update today, but the Store remains open for business. As announced last week, Warhawk is still on promotion for $29.99 (regular price $39.99). We're working hard on getting the revamped Store up and running. Keep an eye out for a walk-through video next week. In the meantime, take a peek at a few screens from the new interface."

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Omegasyde3876d ago

The Pixel junk add-on is definately coming when the new store gets out along with what I think is another free UT3 add on and American Idol Songs. I don't see a Warhawk Add-on however, but I hope Disney didn't release another map pack for the dismal Turok.

No download for Home beta either, but then again that could come with the required firmware update.

At least GT prologue will be available.

Expy3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Hope so!

Stinkinmushroom3876d ago

it's he full game, not the add-on yet

fanboi hater3876d ago

i'm pretty sure thats just last weeks update

davez823876d ago

looks good, hope the graphics don't load slow as heck.

xhi43876d ago

its software based now, not internet based.

Expy3876d ago

It's software based, but it still has to load new content that it doesn't have cached on the HDD. There will be loading, but it won't be "browser-like" as it is right now.

Clinton5143876d ago

and looks easy to navigate.

I for one have never had any problems with the old layout nor the loading time but this is defiantly an improvement!

EZCheez3876d ago

I actually never had a problem with the old PS store, but I sure as hell won't complain about improvement!

hokis4ever3876d ago

I kinda like the current store. Although this new one does seem to be pretty nice as well!

Dino3876d ago

I don't know what the hoopla is about but i'm all for something new as long as it works at least as good or better.

meepmoopmeep3875d ago

yeah, i've never had a problem with the old store. the new one looks awesome though so i'm not complaining. the only issue i had was the one second delay whenever i clicked on something. it wasn't too bad though.

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Tetsuryu3876d ago

Has the US store been updated yet? I'm at work right now (break).

Spinner3876d ago

There are no updates for 2 weeks ... until the PS store is updated. Then we'll get hit with a monster update

RecSpec3876d ago

Does this mean the PSP store wont be updated either? How often is it updated anyways?

chaosatom3333876d ago

Warhawk is on 29.99, what should I too tempting

Spinner3876d ago

buy it of course! it's a limited time offer :D

eagle213876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Enjoy, plenty of Warhawk players on n4g. I know Maddens is probably playing right

My score is 9/10. New map coming soon!

Blackcanary3875d ago

The new map for WarHark Looks crazy add me to ur friend list Blackcanary i love that game when you've got people with head sets. all about team work baby.

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The story is too old to be commented.