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PlayStation 4 fans flock to sign petition demanding return of controversial Xbox One features

The petition is seeking 15,000 signatures and has already accumulated nearly 13,000. However, many of the signatures “supporting” the petition appear to be from PlayStation 4 fans who want the Xbox One to fail.

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Community2627d ago
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givemeshelter2627d ago

So pathetic some gamers are.

Insomnia_842627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

So if wr are against it is bad and if we support it it's also bad?
If this petitioners are dumb enough to come up with this after all that's happened and after saving our way of gaming and not letting this corporation get away with their "futuristic idea, them we might as well help them to see if after the disastrous resolts they understand. Microsoft won't go back to where they were, they know it will fail hardn no matter how many signatures they get 15, 000 - 50, 000 - 100, 000.

@my disagrees.

What are you not agreeing with?
That we don't support it? And btw it wasn't just PS supporters, rhose of us who support the PS4 were going to reserve it no matter what, it was tbe Xbox supporter who made the jump and show it with their wallet. The ones who didn't say anything about it and thought it was something good were thr hardcore xbox fanboys that no matter how much MS screws up they don't say crap! And those are the minority!!! So no, the 180 was not because of PS suporters. The pre-orders were very clear to Microsoft and they understood that not all of their costumers are dumb.

So what are the disagrees for? Would you care to explain?

georgeenoob2627d ago

Sony fanboys at it again! (Or should I say, every now and again)

UnwanteDreamz2627d ago

No one reads anymore. I'm sure some immature Sony fans have signed that thing but the article proves %^&*

xHeavYx2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

You are the biggest fanboy georgenoob .
It doesn't matter how many people sign that, MS won't bring it back, at least not for now

Utalkin2me2627d ago

People shouldn't act this way. If people are so stupid to support a company that was going to screw them and the hobby they love, then so be it.

SilentNegotiator2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

"It doesn't matter how many people sign that, MS won't bring it back, at least not for now"

Exactly. That's why it's funny. Microsoft didn't end the DRM because of online petitions; they did it because pre-orders were bad and press was worse.

The petition is a parody (or at least, became a parody because the idea is so unpopular). No one is trying to "fool" Microsoft into bringing it back. Gamers have spoken and they are speaking again; we do NOT want DRM.

malokevi2627d ago

Its a petition for people who genuinely support it... not a place for trolls like you to vent your rage and swing your junk.

Some people don't know when enough is enough.


TotalHitman2627d ago

Idiots. Don't they get that if Microsoft re-implement DRM, Sony could get the same idea. DRM is bad for gaming as a whole.

lgn152627d ago

"So if wr are against it is bad and if we support it it's also bad?"

That's not it... You either support it or not. Don't sign it even if you disagree with it.

SirKilla2627d ago

Ewwwew ... This article said the F word. I hope it doesn't get banned.

Dee_912627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

The sad thing about it is that now MSFT thinks people actually wants this.Some people are just a waste of space and air I swear

SolidStoner2627d ago

I find it funny... its just trolling..

any petition shouldnt change anything...

It have to be right from the start (its MS, its not like they are totally dumb...) well we now know they really are!

greenlantern28142626d ago

They disagree because anything and everything bad ms does or is perceived of doing is some how the fault of sony fans.
First I am a sony fan have never will never sign anything that has to do with drm reversal.
Secondly the petition makes false claims as to why the drm was a good thing.
Finally if anyone is behind this it is ms executives that never wanted to remove it in the first place.

ShinMaster2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

It was XBOX fans themselves who wanted those features announced at E3 back, such as the Family Share plan.
Whatever the top comments said is not proof that those votes belong to PS fans. The majority are from XBOX fans.

Exhibit A:

Even here on N4G, there were XBOX fans defending those policies and even complained when Microsoft reversed their policies because it removed those features. I'm sure it's not the DRM they want back, but the features.

It's just funny that whenever Microsoft messes up somehow Sony and PlayStation fans are to blame and be hated on.

avengers19782626d ago

As a playstation fan, I was against the policies, I'm glad they removed them, I would never sign a petition that brought them to any console.
MS went about there idea the wrong way, they should have done a better job showing all the positives, but there mouth pieces stumbled every chance they had. MS is solely to blame for there recent struggles, but the XB1 has sold out most places you can pre order them, and a majority of those orders came after the policies were removed.
My guess is PS4 wins the next gen, but that being said at this point don't count MS out, they have massive marketing planed I'm sure... Even Nintendo can claim victory if they start marketing the damn Wii U

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Qrphe2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

It's called sabotage. By making the petitioners look ridiculous, they kill whatever little hope this proposal had of ever being taken seriously by any authority.

SilentNegotiator2627d ago

If it means that it keeps Microsoft reminded of how stupid the idea is, then it is a good cause.

T22627d ago

Sadly we saw many examples on here people defending Drm even after ms killed it. Face it theres people out there who will find a way to like anything or even argue something just to avoid admitting they were wrong ...

omi25p2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Please actually read my comment rather than disagreeing just because of the first sentence.

DRM was NOT a stupid idea.

People who didnt actually understand it thought it was stupid.

Games would be available to people on your friends list any were in the world.

Games would be constantly updated and while you play the game the CLOUD would have been streaming more details into the gaming world.

Developers would have made more money out of games and which in turn would push up the quality of games.

Now what i didnt agree with is how difficult they made it to trade in games. But honestly with the whole family sharing thing i don't think it would have been an issue.

BUT. While i personally thought it was a good idea. I also don't think it should be done this generation.

While the majority of people in the richer areas on the planet such as parts of Europe and America have the ability to have a constant internet connection. There is still more people who don't have this ability.

I think anyone who is complaining about all the features on the DRM X1 either don't understand what it would have actually meant for gaming or is simply hating for the sake of hating

But i also agree with people complaining about the fact they simply wouldn't have been able to play it.

MICROSOFT did a truly terrible job explaining the real important's of the DRM features.

I think if they had shown us right off the bat why DRM would have truly been worth the restrictions. Such as doing demonstrations showing games running with and without the cloud. So we could see how much better the game looked.

They should have demonstrated the Family sharing at their E3 conference.

The only time we ever really heard of the features that made the DRM worth the effort was when they announced it was removed.

Overall. DRM would have been amazing, If the world was ready for it and IF Microsoft had done a better job introducing and explaining it.

SilentNegotiator2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

"People who didnt actually understand it thought it was stupid.
Games would be available to people on your friends list any were in the world"

That's EXACTLY why it was a stupid idea. You're not outdoing piracy or used sales by making EVERY copy of the game available to 10 people.
Furthermore, Microsoft even told us; if you can't connect every 24 hours, get an Xbox 360. That would have left lots of gamers in the cold.

If you want an Xbox that doesn't tank in sales and lose innumerable amounts of support, let it GO.
Microsoft is not even SELLING that kool-aid anymore, so stop trying to drink it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2627d ago

I was one of them lol..

They wanted shared library back? Buy a ps4!!

CKsquid2627d ago


You say they should have shown the difference the cloud makes in game? You know why they couldn't show that?
Because the cloud doesn't work like that. You have been sucked up by the dribble Microsoft have been coming out with to defend their precious x1.

If you want better looking games go for the more powerful console, the ps4.



Was it people who didn't understand or people who won't blindly follow MS that thought it was stupid?

You said yourself, MS never were clear about their plans... You are the one counting on family plan being about sharing full games, that cloud can visibily enhance games or that devs will somehow make more money... MS itself? They never showed any of it. Don't commit MS's mistake of assuming that everyone who don't share your vision is just too dumb to follow the idea... If anything, you are the one accepting this stuff with no evidence whatsoever.

Oh, we understand DRM, even more than you apparently, afterall MS backtrack... They could of had stick with this awesome plan you are imagining and show us all the advantages, November is still quite far away, but no, they backtracked. Looks like MS had squat all along and this gamers saving master plan never was, it was just another bait-and-switch gone bad, now you don't have to bend over your costumer rights just to play some games, you're welcome.

N2NOther2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )


DRM, is a stupid idea because DRM has no advantages to the consumer. Please don't delude yourself into thinking any of it was for the consumer. It was to control all sales of games by funneling used sales through the hoops MS had planned for.

DRM and cloud computing had nothing to do with eachother.

You say what the family share plan would have been like. How do you know? Did MS reveal it in detail in private? They had every opportunity to show that. When they first revealed the console they didn't even mention it in any of the press follow ups. Not a one. If this was a real feature they would have explained it in detail. Did it ever occur to you that they didn't really have anything to properly explain?

And lastly, why on Earth would any rational, logical human being reach the conclusion that a company that was choosing where you could sell your games, dictating whom you could give you game away to and limiting that action to ONE TIME would be OK with you sharing ONE game with 10 people without any restrictions?

It makes no sense because A) it was not real or B) it had heavy restrictions that go beyond playing one at a time.

DRM - restricting the owners rights - will never be amazing. Making a concession is the furthest thing from it.

malokevi2627d ago

"If it means that it keeps Microsoft reminded of how stupid the idea is, then it is a good cause. "

You are a moron. MS heard you, don't you get it? Can't you take a W and shut your face for once in your pathetic life?

edgeofsins2626d ago


PS4 lets you share disc based games as expected and you can still log in on your account on another persons PS4 and download and play your games with your account.

MicroSoft just doesn't compromise for the consumer. They compromised for themselves. If they couldn't control shared games they could control your account access more.

PS4 does the updating while playing a game. It isn't any sort of advanced online system required for that. Just a server.

Developers would have made more money? No proof behind that. Sharing a game itself with someone will make them want to buy the game just as much as someone not getting to borrow your game will make them want to buy it. Sometimes less or more.

You don't understand family sharing.

The fact you thought X1 would have been like Steam was to PC gaming just voids your words. PS+ is an example of Steam-like features for a console. Great deals for games. Not to mention you can play plenty f2p games on PS4. Not to mention all the indie support on PS4.

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UnwanteDreamz2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Where in the article do the prove that PS4 fans are signing it. I was going to rail aginst this type of childish BS but instead Ill gripe about talentless hacks pretending to be writers.

Whoever titled this waste of bandwidth wrote a flamebait title just to grab hits. The article has crap to do with PS4 fans.

dark-hollow2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Not saying that PS fans or Xbox fans are worse than the others, but both parties are guilty of these kind of pathetic moves.

Remember the spoiling games, giving exclusives low reviews on metacritic? Hardcore fanboys went beyond the levels of childness it just sad.

I thought the extreme fanboyism of these man-children was long gone since 2008, but nope!
We're all fanboys here, we like to talk crap about competitors and praise our own consoles, or at least you have a little bias towards your company, but to go to such lengths to sabotage other people's own choices by spoiling games or doing ridiculous petitions like this one is truly the worst kind!

ArmrdChaos2627d ago

That's because it is always easier to feel taller after knocking someone down than try to stand tall on your own. That is the mentality in all its pathetic glory.

IlluminatusV2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

@UnwanteDreamz: Look at the comments/reasons in the petition (even in the popular sorted ones), there is the proof. Instead you have showed that you blaming the author without checking the facts and talking BS!

I don't know why some gamers are such bricks. Is there a new sport to blame MS or the XBox? Very childish. But maybe some gamers are back to behaviours known from kindergarten.

It is ok to favor a brand or game console but acting like this guys that are trolling that petition is ridiculous. Shame on them!

Urusernamesucks2627d ago

" i enjoy constantly getting raped in the ass by ms, and i wanna keep it that way ;)"

No xbox gamer would ever say this, honestly i saw many comments like this in that pettition.

UnwanteDreamz2627d ago

No but a troll who thinks the petition is stupid would. Cmon you guys are real quick to cry and point fingers blindly at what you percieve as the enemy.

HammadTheBeast2627d ago

You'd be surprised. I can name 6 on this very site alone. Some have already commented above.

RedHawkX2627d ago

They say it all the time and by buying a xbox one they are basically saying it from just the look on there face. no one should be buying the xbox one day one. you would have to be some weird and not in controll of yourself type of individual to do so at this point.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2627d ago

Im sure neutrals and pc and even nintendo fans signed it, alot of people want to see the back of ms.

starchild2626d ago


Give me a break. It's obvious what's going on there. You can twist and contort trying to come up with other explanations, but it's absurdly clear to anyone with a brain that that's what's happening.

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joe902627d ago

WOW 13,000 already signed it, i didn't realise N4G had that many members.

kingmushroom2627d ago

i din't know people had so many duplicate accounts

2627d ago Replies(12)
Gasian2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I don't think people understand competition is good for the industry. Innovation occurs when there is competition. Call of duty stays unchanged because it dominates sales in the FPS genre. And above all it is childish to ever sign a petition for only that fact they want to see people fail. Come on guys have more respect for yourself than that. We are Gamers and it does not matter what other people play on because truthfully it is none of your business and we play PlayStation,PC,or Xbox for the reason that we like that particular experience. So grow up or you might see a guy with a horse mask standing at your door tomorrow;just saying.

dcj05242627d ago

*cough cough* PS1&PS2 *COUGH COUGH* *ahem* what?

Aceman182627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

apparently the guy who wrote this article took two examples and stretched this into majority of PS fanboys writing these comments.

wow talk about tinfoil smdh.

and then to see people fighting back and forth about this is even more stupid than the petition to begin with.

you people are the ones giving this stupid non-story a life. oh well back to gaming i go.


you know xbox fanboys and PS fanboys deserve each other. all y'all ever do is fight over plastic boxes with wires, and plastic disks. also you fight over companies that you don't even work, or own stock in.

CalvinKlein2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

it was obvious the ps fanboys would do this. they probably started it too.

Parapraxis2627d ago

Sorry guy, but I speak for the Playstation elite, and not even we would stoop this low.


ALLWRONG2626d ago

"Sorry guy, but I speak for the Playstation elite, and not even we would stoop this low."

You might not, but you are not everyone.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2626d ago

CalvinKlein + 17h ago
it was obvious the ps fanboys would do this. they probably started it too.

more than just ps fans signed it , you can take that to the bank.

Divine2627d ago

im a huge fan of quality which is why im a huge sony fan but this is. horrible. its just making sony fans look bad

nosferatuzodd2627d ago

if its true who knows ppl was saying Microsoft paid hackers to hack psn tin foil hat anyone don't believe these crap

GraveLord2627d ago

I think this speaks more to the pointlessness of online petitions. I'm actually surprised Microsoft made that 180 on their policies. I think most people wouldn't have cared.

SilentNegotiator2627d ago

lol, lighten up people.

It's not like anyone is really trying to FOOL Microsoft with those comments and it's not like Microsoft is going to pull another 180 over a petition that's obviously full of trolls.

Narutone662627d ago

If it was me, I'd tell MS to give up making game console and instead develop games for the PS.

Bathyj2627d ago

MS cant pull another 180 now. Calling it Xbox 360 would just be too confusing,

Heisenburger2627d ago

Master Yoda, is that you?

Just kidding man, I totally agree!

thehitman2627d ago

This article is actually extremely misleading. I actually went to to see how they got this information. Yes there are "Sony Fanboys" signing it but no where does it show statistics on how many have signed it or if most are made up of fake signatures. What it does show however is the comments from the signatures and people can like those comments like facebook and the 1s with the most likes happen to be the troll signatures.

OFC the troll signatures have the most likes because there fucking trolling this stupid ass petition. This site that is making an article off people trolling it is a bad attempt to make Sony Fans look bad for MS fanboys stupidity.

solar2627d ago

console fanboys only fight for their piece of plastic of choice, not for gamers. sad really.

davidj882627d ago

And what have PC gamers done for gaming? All this behavior is ridiculous but consoles and console gamers have done more for the gaming community that PC ever could, consoles made the gaming industry the viable source for investment it is today so as much as i find ''fanboys'' somewhat annoying they do have their uses.

This isn't a bash at PC gamers but your comment sounds like one from the mind of a PC gamer. Just remember that ''piece of plastic'' is the reason we have so many great games to play and why more and more money is being put into developing gaming as a form of entertainment, never forget that the majority of games are made using PC's.....for consoles.

Ray1862627d ago

Watch, just because this was reported it going to jump to 30,000 tomorrow.

Muffins12232627d ago

I wanna see Microsoft fall hard...its better for the good of gaming to get them out of the business

Paytaa2627d ago

Then what competition would Sony have? Nintendo isn't doing anywhere near as well as MS and Sony are at the moment. If Sony had no competition they could do whatever they damn please and you would have no alternative if you didn't like what it offered (That's why I'm switching to PS4 from Xbox).

CrossingEden2627d ago

then you seriously need a life and need to grow up, sitting behind a computer chair hoping people lose their jobs, how about you get a job -_-

coolvibu932627d ago

It would be worse for gaming that' s a fact. Not only would there be less alternative so Sony could do whatever it wants, and you'd have no choice, but there would also be less games. Maybe you didn't know, but without MS, you wouldn't have had Killzone or Resistance (created to compete with Halo), as well as Uncharted (which originally was going to be a fantasy platformer, but Sony changed it after seeing the response from Gears of war). Im sure there are more but you get the point.

indysurfn2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Great idea Muffuns1223. As for competition, last time I checked Nintendo won the current generation. Even if they don't sell another console! IF Microsoft left the business (which is wishful thinking) we would have these companies jump in that are looking at it anyway. Google, apple, Samsung, Nokia! Just to name a few. It would be a lesson for all the companies to come. Don't blank with our rights! Only 25% are blind fools.

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2627d ago
SatanSki2627d ago

Yep. Human stupidity at its best

quenomamen2627d ago

Not anymore pathetic than the lets find another way to squeeze another nickel out of consumers company who started all this BS in the first place.

ChrisW2627d ago

I've said it from the beginning and I'll say it again...

It's those who will never buy an Xbox One that are complaining the most!!!

indysurfn2626d ago

As of the start of this year I was a hardcore xbox support look at my post history from before this year for absolute proof. But once Microsoft started making fools out of it's customers. I am the biggest complainer. Specifically ME look at my post after the reveal! I unlike people fighting for the rights of companies to take their rights, turned around took the knife that was heading towards my back and gave it to Microsoft right in the face! But your half right, I will never buy another Microsoft game console. Be true to yourself. The end.

Bluepowerzz2627d ago


ALLWRONG2627d ago

Shows the true nature of PS fanboys.