Xbox One Petition To Restore DRM Is A Problem In Itself But The People Endorsing It Are Even Worse

There's an Xbox One petition going around asking for signatures to persuade Microsoft into restoring the original restrictions and DRM. Sounds dumb, right? Well you should see the people actually signing it.

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DxTrixterz1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I'm surprised of how some people can be so naive and stupid. Why would any person who has some kind of sanity left in him/herself want those policies back. Really you want to lose your consumer rights and pay even more for what? Family sharing, download a game digitally which you can already do. Really? Those who sign this should not call themselves gamers.

NeoRatt1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I don't trade my games, I don't rent, I don't sell them used, and I don't lend them out. What advantage the does the ability to do those things have for me?

At least when MS had DRM, they were giving me the digital version free with the physical version. Today, I buy both the digital and physical game which ends up costing more.

SurfCfl1986d ago

There was no physical version with M$ DRM. Your "physical" version was nothing but a license and a predownloaded digital version. Who in their right mind would pay for the same game twice?

At least with Steam you have the option of buying a real physical version that you can play offline. And if you want, you can synch that license with your Steam account. And if you do that, you can still play the game offline while your brother/friend is playing it online.

NeoRatt1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )


There is no difference between the DRM license and the licenses for all console games today.

ALL CONSOLES TODAY ONLY PROVIDE YOU WITH A LICENSE TO PLAY THE GAME NOT OWN IT. Don't believe me, then go read the game licenses today.

SurfCfl1986d ago


Aww did I hewrt your feelwings little fanboi?

That may or may not be true. But it is irrelevant. The only advantage that consoles have over PC is that you can pop the disk in and play it. When you are required to install a game to a console's hard drive, the console is nothing more than an under-powered PC.

n4rc1986d ago

I'm surprised people are so fkn arrogant that they still think their misguided and often biased opinion is a fact..

I think your all complete idiots if you think we can't possibly support these ideas simply because you don't like them..

Arrogant..childish.. Whatever.. Your opinion has ZERO influence simply for how you come across..

SurfCfl1986d ago

And your opinion isn't biased?

And you don't come across as childish when you call people arrogant and idiots?

I'd say your opinion has zero influence. Actually less than zero.

NatureOfLogic1986d ago

"every one of the signers who are Sony fanboys trying to hurt or kill the Xbox One"

Lol. Xbox fanboys really believe this? Just because there's comments from Sony fanboys signing, doesn't mean that most of the signatures are Playstation fans trolling. Lets not be so quick to forget those who were actually defending MS policies and got upset when they remove the restrictions. I'm just saying, there's just as many or more Xbox One fans signing this, which is pretty sad.

n4rc1986d ago

I signed it.. So what?

I along with a half dozen friends all got our PR orders the day after e3.. Just as many did..

But were all just too stupid to know what were doing...

I want to reach out and smack people on here sometimes

givemeshelter1986d ago

Seems this is true... And some gamers are so pathetic.

BosSSyndrome1986d ago

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Galletto31986d ago

Thanks for this article, it is something I have been trying to point out ever since the story began picking up speed.

Not to say that nobody actually supporting it, but its obvious a good number of people are actively trolling.

In the end they won't reverse the policy just because a smaller petition than the first wants them to change again. Especially with all those troll comments littering the petition page.

ma1asiah1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Regardless of the ratio of actual supporters and Trolls. MS wont do a this petition will not go any further than this. A few articles across the internet to score the websites a few more hits and then this will all just fade away.

No one needs to freak MS will see these kinds of comments and will dismiss the petition without giving it a second thought.

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