Why is Nobody Talking About The Walking Dead Anymore?

Sean Halliday of Gamer Euphoria writes:

''Last year it seemed like The Walking Dead was the game on everyone’s lips. TellTale’s ability to craft a story that resonated in the emotions of its players catapulted them into the spotlight. Game of the Year awards were won, mass praise was achieved, and a loyal fanbase was formed. Arguably, the game even managed to best the TV show of the same name. In all, TellTale had a true hit on their hands. Fast-forward to 2013 and the first season of The Walking Dead games is over after enjoying a run of strong critical acclaim, and thus the next entry has subsequently landed, titled 400 Days.''

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abc12332559d ago

As mentioned at the end, I see 400 days as a bit of a filler episode, not something which was released with the intention of matching the main season's quality. Season 2 on the other hand is a whole different story.

Amazingmrbrock2559d ago

Also even as a filler episode 400 days was miles ahead of other games story telling wise. It was probably the best 5 dollars I've spent all month.

zeal0us2559d ago

Well right now TWD(TV show) isn't currently airing. It was one of the factors that mainly attribute all the talking last year.

NovusTerminus2559d ago

TV Show not airing, somee people viewing it as a "filler" episode, and it is near The Last of Us.

Got a few things stacked against it.

Mr_Nuts2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Maybe it's because it wasn't as good as people made it out to be...I played it after it got GOTY last year and I honestly don't see whats so special about it. Yeah it's a great game I'm not doubting that but I don't see the big fuss over it

I think it only won GOTY because of the comic fans and the tv series fans put alongside the gamer fans. Plus it was an Indie title and it would be different for an indie title to win GOTY.

Off Topic: Did any one see the ending to the Walking Dead TV Series was awful, very disappointed about how the finale or entire series played out. <Spoilers> ...........The Governor still alive, the prison assault being so short, Karl STILL ALIVE (Come on the Governor could of taken him out like he did with Lori/Judith in the comics), Andrea dying instead of the writers redeeming her character since she's fantastic in the comics, staying at the prison for another series.

GamerEuphoria2559d ago

To be shouldn't expect the comics storyline to blur into the shows, after all look at the TV made characters and length of Shane's life. Season 3 was poor, for me anyway. Long stretches of nothing.

Mr_Nuts2559d ago

Wasn't Shane's death more to do with the actor having problems with the director or something....I'm sure him and the guy who played Dale aswell weren't happy or something along those lines

GamerEuphoria2559d ago

Shane dies near the start in the comics, he doesn't live half as long as he does in the show

Heisenburger2559d ago

You admit(sic) that it is great, then claim that you can't comprehend why people say it is great.

Lol ok bub.

jeeves862559d ago

Well, after you've heard so many great things about it, it's not entirely unusual that when you finally play the game, you'd think that there was a lot of fuss about nothing.

2559d ago
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